2024-2025 Season General Auditions

  • Non-Equity
  • Anywhere

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Pay Rate: $200-$250 per production
Audition Date and Time: June 15th 10am-5pm
Audition Location: 221 N Genesee Street, Waukegan, IL 60085
Contact Person Email: 3brotherstheatre@gmail.com
Contact Person Name: Josh Beadle

Three Brothers Theatre is hosting general auditions for their upcoming 11th season.  An eclectic mix of drama, comedy, and music.  All are welcome to audition!  Please email with your headshot and resume to arrange a five minute slot to audition.

Our ’24-’25 Season:

October 4th – November 3rd
A picture is worth 1,000 words but what about a song? 35MM is a beautiful collection of stories told through song. Each song is inspired and coupled with a photo to create a unique moment captured onstage. this stunning, and often overlooked, multimedia musical will delight you with gorgeous music, brilliant storytelling, and a cast that is ready to knock your socks off!

Directed by Mark Bracken
Music & Lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver
Based on photographs by Matthew Murphy

A Martian Christmas Carol
December 6th – 22nd
A new take on the classic christmas tale! Three brothers presents to you a martian christmas carol. Ebenezer (VOLDAR) Scrooge is the miserly owner of the martian mining corporation. all of his employees and the local martians despise him, especially the little martian children. But what happens when three christmas ghosts visit him in the middle of the night? will he change his ways and embrace the holiday spirit or will he continue to destroy the rich martian landscape for money! Join us on the red planet for a green tale about the holidays! You can’t understand A christmas carol until you’ve heard it in the original martian.

Directed by Caroline Beadle
Adapted/Written by Josh Beadle

See How They Run
January 31st – February 22nd
A classic farce to kick off 2025. you’ll be in stitches all night long with the hilarious situations you’ll watch during this show. In an English vicarage, the vicar and his new wife are overwhelmed by a battery of guests, including an American actress, an American G.I. stationed with the Air Force in England, a cockney maid who has seen too many American movies, an old dowager who “touches alcohol for the first time in her life,” a sedate Bishop aghast at all these goings-on, and four men in identical clergyman suits, one of whom is an escaped prisoner.

Directed by Caitlin Robb and Michael May
Written by Philip King

The Old Man and the Old Moon
April 4th – 27th
The Old Man is the sole caretaker of the moon and has been responsible for filling it for longer than he (or his wife, the Old Woman) can remember. When the old woman is drawn away by a mysterious melody evoking memories of their past, the Old Man must decide between duty to the moon and love of adventure. what follows is an imaginative and delightful adventure including a sea-faring epic, apocalyptic storms, civil wars, leviathans of the deep, and cantankerous ghosts, as well as the fiercest obstacle of all: change. Join us for a unique blend of music, storytelling, and shadow puppets.

Directed by McKenna Lyons
Originally Conceived and Produced by Pigpen Theatre Co.

For the The Old Man and the Old Moon we are specifically looking for actors that also play instruments, if you play an instrument please bring the instrument with you.

The Press Conference
May 2nd – 24th
The democratically elected governor of texas, jack thomas, is in the middle of a mean re-election campaign when he calls a press conference. then he goes missing. his staff is left to pick up the pieces of this mystery press conference while simultaneously trying to track down the governor. what’s this press conference about? where is the governor? Does anyone know what’s happening? a meditation on leadership and politics. How we can get caught up in political campaigns and forget what is the point of all these things…

Directed by Carol Alleman
Written by Josh Beadle

Material to Prepare:

Please include: your headshot, your resume, and a one minute monologue of your choice. If auditioning for 35MM or The Old Man and the Old Moon, please prepare a 16 bar cut of a song to perform. Accompanist will be available if you would like to bring music. If unable to audition in person, please provide a self-tape submission with the same information.

Character Type/Restrictions:

WOMAN 1 - plays Woman 1, Image 1, Nightmare, the Lover, Cantus, Watcher, Soprano, Betsy, Nightwalker, Lonely, Jessy, and Chorus
WOMAN 2 - plays Woman 2, Photographer, Nightmare, the Broad, Altus, She, Watcher, Les Voix en Dessous, Alto, Lindsay, and the Balladeer
MAN 1 - plays Man 1, Image, the Idle Boy, Tenor, His Savior, Watcher, Les Voix en Dessous, Alex, A Friend of Jules and Jessy's, and Chorus
MAN 2 - plays Man 2, Image, Nightmare, the Manny, Bassus, the Sinner, Watcher, the Cajun, Bass, Jay, Her Mister, Jules, and Chorus
MAN 3 - plays Man 3, Image, Nightmare, the Long-Tethered Knight, He, Watcher, Ben, Radio and Chorus


Martian Scrooge
Martian Cratchit
Martian Santa Claus
Three Martian Holiday Ghosts
A host of other Martians

Miss Skillon, Female identifying
Penelope Toop, Female identifying, Reverend Toop's wife
Ida, Female identifying, a maid
Corporal Clive Winton, Male identifying
The Intruder, Male identifying
The Rev. Arthur Humphrey, Male identifying
The Bishop of Lax, Male identifying
Sergeant Towers, Male identifying

Actor 1 - Guitar (Acoustic), Female/Male; The Old Man
Actor 2 - Guitar (Acoustic), Female/Male; Matheson, Fine Lady
Actor 3 - Utility (Banjo 2, Guitar (Acoustic), Dulcimer, Violin), Female/Male; Butcher, Ben, Callahan, Rebel Two, Perry
Actor 4 - Accordion, Female/Male; Mabelu, Patron, Dog
Actor 5 - Bass (Electric), Female/Male; Boatswain One, Llewellyn, Ghost Singer
Actor 6 - Banjo 1, Female/Male; The Old Woman, Boatswain Two, Mickey, Captain, Bartley, Young Woman
Actor 7 - Drums, Female/Male; Fishmonger, Clerk, Cookie, Rebel One, Bartender, Solomon
For the The Old Man and the Old Moon we are specifically looking for actors that also play instruments, if you play an instrument please bring the instrument with you.


Two middle aged female identifying characters
Three middle aged male identifying characters
One teenager

To apply for this job email your details to 3brotherstheatre@gmail.com