Pay Rate: $700
Audition Date and Time: Video Submissions due by Midnight on Wednesday, November 24. (In-person callbacks December 4.)
Contact Person Email: godspelltheo@gmail.com
Contact Person Name: Christopher Pazdernik, Managing & Casting Director

Hey you! Yes, YOU! Ever feel like fairy tales are for everyone else, but not for you? Ever feel like you don’t fit in with the other royals you run into in your castle’s courtyard? Ever watch all the nobles around you get happily ever afters while you (im)patiently wait for your one true weirdo, the lid to your unique pot? GUESS WHAT?! THIS ONE IS, and we want YOU!

Announcing general auditions for Theo Ubique’s production of Once Upon a Mattress! This musical comedy is based on the classic fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea, but with so many twists and turns quite frankly we’re dizzy. (What can we say, spotting isn’t our strength.) Directed by Landree Fleming; Music Direction by Jeremy Ramey.

Material to Prepare:

Self-tape submissions should include 32 bars (or a 1 minute cut) of a golden age musical comedy song. Additionally, please let us know which character you're interested in being considered for. And feel free to make your audition your own! You can do it super straightforward with just a track and your wonderful self. You can accompany yourself if that's your jam. You can tell us a (quick) joke at the end of it - just make sure if you do anything extra, your tape is 2 minutes or less - after all, comedy's all about timing. Most importantly, follow Donald O'Connor's advice and Make 'Em Laugh!

To submit:
- send an email to godspelltheo@gmail.com
- by end of day on Wednesday, November 24
- with your full name in the Subject Line
- the link to your video in the body of the email (no downloads, please)
- your headshot/resume attached as a single PDF file and labeled as LastName_FirstName

Time Commitment:

Rehearsals January 24 - March 10, Sunday-Thursday evenings
Previews March 11-20, Opens March 21, Runs through May 1
Performances Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun evenings

Character Type/Restrictions:

Theo is committed to casting our productions in a way that reflects our community and therefore encourages performers of all races, genders, ages (18+), abilities and identities to submit! For gender-fluid and non-binary performers, any genders listed in character descriptions are that of the character only, and you are encouraged to submit for any roles you are interested in!

  • Prince Dauntless - The son of Queen Aggravain and King Sextimus, slightly childlike, but easily falls in love with the princess (as he has with the many that have come before).
  • Princess Winnifred - The princess that comes from the swamp, who is brought to the castle by Sir Harry. She is much less refined than the rest of the castle's recipients.
  • Queen Aggravain - The wife of King Sextimus, who makes every princess take the extremely hard tests she creates. She is extremely snotty and full of herself and is in constant disagreement with the King regardless of him not being able to talk.
  • King Sextimus - The (cursed) husband of Queen Aggravain, who has lost the ability to talk. He communicates non-verbally before the curse is lifted, but finally speaks at the end and allows for the prince and princess to be married.
  • The Minstrel - The narrator of the musical, who helps the king and the jester many times, and all are very good friends. Very clever in their way of getting things, but also kind and smart.
  • The Jester - A complicated character of sorts, who is meant to be funny but instead is more sad or annoying than humorous. The jester is great friends with the king and the minstrel, and translates for the king frequently.
  • Sir Harry - The noble knight of the kingdom, who is in love with Lady Larken. He is the one who searches for the Princess Winnifred. His true reason for bringing a princess to the kingdom was so that he and Lady Larken could be married.
  • Lady Larken - The very kind and refined nobility, who wishes to be married with Sir Harry, and carries his child.
  • Wizard - A very quiet person, who usually keeps to themself, but is the Queen's minion, and arranges her tests for the princesses. Friends with the jester and minstrel though.
  • Ensemble - The citizens of the kingdom, who highly encourage the prince to get married because they cannot be married until he does!

To apply for this job email your details to godspelltheo@gmail.com