Pay Rate: $200 stipend
Audition Date and Time: April 25 4:30-9pm (Virtual), Callbacks May 1 10am-2pm
Audition Location: Zoom/The Jarvis Square Theater (1439 W. Jarvis)
Contact Person Email: theatre.atl.casting@gmail.com
Contact Person Name: Brittany Vogel

From the playwright that brought YOU Amicable. It’s mere minutes before a vengeful supervillain unleashes their fiendish plot to bring The City to its knees, and right-hand helpers Oona and Jarlath are there every step of the way. That is, until something goes very, very wrong. Now these hapless Henchpeople must face an army of blood-thirsty foot soldiers, a formidable Superhero, and their own feelings of distrust, self-worth, and burgeoning friendship in this new comedy.

Performances will be live streamed from the theater and have an in person audience of no more than 12 vaccinated and masked audience members.

Material to Prepare:

Please email a 1 minute sharable, comedic monologue to theatre.atl.casting@gmail.com with a headshot and resume. Selected auditionees will be sent sides ahead of the April 25th Zoom audition.

Time Commitment:

Rehearsals will begin May 23, 3-4 times per week
Tech July 3-7
Preview July 8
Opening July 9
Closing July 31 (potential extension thru August 7
Run Thursdays-Sundays weekly

Character Type/Restrictions:

Reeling from a lifetime of feeling helpless and unheard, Oona is determined to break free of her past and finally proclaim her voice. She's tremendously driven, full of ideas, and sometimes enthusiastic to a fault, often to the chagrin of the employer that has promised her a better life. She also contains a moral compass that she later learns is undeniably at odds with said employment. She's scared of bugs and loves watching sunrises.

A man of few words, Jarlath's lack of social skills often hide his deep intelligence and ingenuity. He dreams of being a prolific inventor but has never had the courage to pull the trigger on any of his prototypes. Not a fan of attention or confrontation but excellent at figuring out how things work, whether they be mechanical or emotional. A huge fan of musicals.

These three roles will be portrayed by one actor. THE VILLAIN is a self-proclaimed genius. Even so, they require much validation from their underlings. Can be perfectly agreeable one moment and dangerously threatening the next. THE HEAVY appears at first to be the folksy, no-nonsense general of The Villain's vast army but is later revealed to be a shifty, irreverent figure who acts purely out of self-interest. THE HERO is a slightly dim, super-powered being who is mostly concerned with the adoration from their fans. Essentially a blunt instrument of The Mayor, accomplishing whatever dirty work she needs them to accomplish.

To apply for this job email your details to theatre.atl.casting@gmail.com