When You Awake You Will Remember Everything

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Website The Plagiarists

Pay Rate: $200 / $50
Audition Location: Video submission
Contact Person Email: jcarpenter@theplagiarists.org
Contact Person Name: Jack Dugan Carpenter

The Plagiarists are looking for actors and understudies for their final production, When You Awake You Will Remember Everything by company founder Gregory Peters. The show will rehearse at GreatWorks, (1803 W. Byron) and play at The Edge Theater, Off-Broadway (1133 W Catalpa, just off of Broadway).

More about the show:

A superhero called The Titan is exiled by his arch-foes to another dimension, a monstrous evil makes a final gambit to destroy the universe, supervillains give interviews, a comics publisher finds out her missing brother may be alive, a henchman betrays his boss, and a therapist encounters a unique case: a man who wakes from a coma and claims to be a superhero named “The Titan.” It’s up to a fiendish super scientist, a martial arts master who names her kicks, a petty crook who can see the future, and a man who doesn’t believe any of it is real to get over themselves and save the universe! That is, of course, if any of it is real. Drawn from a love of comics and paired with a keen sense of the theatrical, this one will surely knock the socks off of audiences of all kinds!

Rehearsal schedule:

(beginning Monday, December 4th)
Mondays and Wednesdays – 6-9
Tuesdays and Thursdays – 7-10
Saturdays – 12-5
(Fridays and Sundays OFF)
There will be a holiday break from December 22-January 1.

Tech starts January 22

Previews: February 2, 3, 4
Opens: February 8
Runs through March 2 – Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8 pm, Sunday matinees at 2 pm

Stipend: $200 main cast / $50 understudy cast

Material to Prepare:

For your video audition submission, please prepare:

90 seconds (max) of two contrasting characters: a bit of a favorite superhero/villain (or your favorite monologue done in the style of superheroes/comics) for one and a contemporary dramatic piece for the other.

Callbacks will be held:
Thursday, 9/28 from 7 pm - 9 pm
Saturday, 9/30 from 6 pm - 9 pm

Click here to upload your resume and video audition submission:

Audition submissions will be accepted through September 21 at 10 pm.
Candidates who are called back will receive an email with script sides to prepare by September 22nd.

Character Type/Restrictions:

Characters. (Also seeking understudies for all roles):

ACTOR 1: (Male, POC)

THE TITAN - Stronger than titanium, able to lift the Titanic, can fly to Titan in the blink of an eye! The most powerful human on earth, wears his underwear on the outside. Probably has a cape. As long as wrongs need righting, as long as evil needs fighting, as long as darkness needs lighting, he will be there and will probably lecture everyone. Unless none of it is real.

ACTOR 2: (Female, POC)

THE HIGH HEEL - Mystically skilled martial artist that fights exclusively with her feet, but can sure do a lot with them. Despite the name, she is always barefoot - all the better to kick you with, my dear.

SARAH - Comics-creating triple threat and entrepreneur.

ACTOR 3: (Non-binary, Open)

DOCTOR F. F. FIENDISH, M.D., Ph.D. - The smartest human on the planet. Please do not say “mad scientist” - that’s very rude.

FRANKIE, SARAH’s partner in life and business, has it fairly together. Not good at story time.

HEAVY 2 -  Cruel and creepy.

ACTOR 4: (Female/Non-Binary, Open)

NURSE - Experienced, unflappable, a little salty.

DUSTY SCRIBBLER - 40’s movie-sounding reporter with an uncanny knack for finding people.

THE SPIRITUAL ADVISOR - an ancient mystical being of untold power who manifests in the form of dead acquaintances. For some reason.

BUDDY - Everybody makes mistakes.

ACTOR 5: (Male, Open)

DOCTOR - A regular doctor. Went to med school and everything. Specializes in coma care.

SPLIT SECOND - Can see the results of his decisions in advance. Not well-respected, not well-liked, not terribly bright, and not very nice. Not every criminal with super powers is a super-villain, ya know? It’s sad, but it’s true.

HEAVY 1 - Creepy and cruel.

ACTOR 6: (Open)

PSYCHIATRIST - Also a doctor, just a different kind. Highly respected and very good.

HEAVY 3 - Creepy and cruel.

Stipend: $200 main cast / $50 understudy cast

To apply for this job please visit docs.google.com.