Pay Rate: CAT Tier-2 ($330/wk), $800 stipend for non-AEA performers
Audition Date and Time: Submissions due 6/26/21
Audition Location: https://forms.gle/RwBQU86d29NtobDNA
Contact Person Email: madeline@thehousetheatre.com
Contact Person Name: Madeline Scott

The House Theatre of Chicago seeks performers for their 2021 Holiday Show.

Playwright/Co-Director – Lanise Antoine Shelley

Co-Director – Hallie Gordon

2 roles will be AEA, 4-5 roles will be non-AEA. We will also be hiring understudies.


Auditions will be by video submission only. Callbacks will be held via Zoom on July 7.

Please submit self-tapes via google form at https://forms.gle/RwBQU86d29NtobDNA

Email PM, Madeline Scott, with questions or technical issues.

Please note, all actors must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by two weeks prior to start of workshop (8/3).


The House Theatre of Chicago is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion. As such, we seek performers who are culturally and linguistically diverse from all races and ethnicities, gender identities, sexualities, abilities, and ages, as well as d/Deaf, to attend every audition.

Material to Prepare:

Please prepare a monologue no more than 2 minutes in length AND recite 1-2 stanzas of your favorite poem.

Time Commitment:

Workshop: August 3-5, 9-10, 2021

First Rehearsal: October 5

(Rehearsals will be held on weekday evenings and weekends. Day off is Monday.)

Spacing: November 4, 2021

Tech Begins: November 5, 2021

First Preview: November 12, 2021

Opening: November 21, 2021

Closing: January 2, 2022

Character Type/Restrictions:

Chione - (BIPOC can play 15-20) Curious and bright young woman who speaks many languages, has magical abilities, and holds a deep connection with nature. She rarely finds meaningful friendships because of her gifts, but when she does, she's sincerely loyal and reveals playfulness her usually serious nature doesn't allow. Bilingual (any language) is a plus. Strong facility with language and physicality.

Kai/Others- (Open ethnicity can play age 15-20) Super nerdy, playful and inquisitive, yet loves to investigate the outdoors. They enjoy riddles, magic and bantering with friends, at times they come across as a know-it-all. Strong facility with language and physicality. Experience with puppetry is a plus.

Gerda- (Open ethnicity can play age 15-20) Athletic and smart with a light competitive spirit. They can be guarded with strangers but have an overflowing generosity with those they love. They are fiercely stubborn which somehow turns into bravery when they need it. Bilingual (any languages), strong facility with language and physicality is a plus.

Grandfather/Others- (Open ethnicity age 50+) Grandfather to Gerda. Kind, gentle and patient caregiver. Grandfather identifies the complexities of raising a young child on his own. He's a great weaver of stories. Experience with puppetry is a plus.

Time - (Open ethnicity, any age, any gender) Sassy, confident and uncouth. There is a mysticism to how they move through the world. They may appear and disappear depending on the time of day or their mood. They have a deeper knowledge that is clairvoyant in scope. Strong facility with language and physicality. Experience with puppetry is a plus.

Others- We don't know the gender of these characters yet, right now we're just looking at talent. Feel free to read for any role.

To apply for this job email your details to madeline@thehousetheatre.com