Pay Rate: Actor $150 Understudies $100
Audition Location: 1623 Howard St Chicago Il 60626
Contact Person Name: Brittney Brown

Factory Theater is currently seeking actors for selected roles in the remounted production of Last Night in
Karaoke Town by Mike Beyer and Kirk Pynchon. The production will be directed by Kim Boler and
assistant directed by Becca Holloway. We strongly encourage actors of all races, sizes, abilities, and
gender identities to submit for any role they are interested in as none of the characters are
beholden to a specific type or gender.
One of Cleveland’s oldest karaoke bars – the Karaoke Korner – may have to close its doors forever,
unless its long-time proprietor can convince the new building owner NOT to change it into, of all
things, a cider pub and bistro. The neighborhood around them is slowly gentrifying and the traditional
bar culture is slowly dying. In the face of losing their beloved watering hole and musical stage, the
longtime patrons embark on a plan to save the Karaoke Korner and keep things the way they have
always been. It all comes down to one final night, where the beer flows freely and the karaoke soars
higher than Steve Perry’s vocals on Don’t Stop Believin’.

Material to Prepare:

Monday, July 19th and Wednesday July 21st from 7:00-10:00 PM at the
Factory Theater. You can audition in person or send in a video submission. Please specify in your
email which option you would prefer.
Sides will be sent out with audition confirmation. You will be asked to perform a verse and chorus
from a classic karaoke song which will be performed acapella.
Send Headshot and Resume to Casting Director Brittney Brown at casting@thefactorytheater.com
Website: thefactorytheater.com

Time Commitment:

Rehearsals: August 22nd-September 17th
Tech: September 18th
Previews: September 24th-26th
Opening: October 1st
Closing: November 7th
Shows are Friday and Saturday at 8:00 PM & Sunday at 3:00 PM.

Character Type/Restrictions:

ETHAN (late 20s to late 30s) - Entrepreneur and new owner of building - Pretentious hipster who
believes they have their thumb on the pulse of not only what's cool, but what's good for Cleveland -
Singing ability not required. We are also looking for an understudy to cover this role.
BRAD (mid-20s to early 30s) - Fiance to Evelyn and brand new to Cleveland from San Diego - a bit
of a fish out of water - Singing ability not required but must be an enthusiastic singer.
LILY (mid-20s to early 30s) - Karaoke Korner regular - Former BFF to Audrey - OBSESSED WITH
KARAOKE - Singing ability a plus but not required
MILES (mid-20s to early 30s) - Karaoke Korner regular - best friend of Ted - Singing ability a plus but
not required. We are also looking for an understudy that will cover this role and Ted.
We are also seeking 1 understudy that will cover the roles of Fran, Evelyn, and Shawn. Those
character descriptions are listed below:
FRAN (mid-20s to early 30s) - Has been dragged to the Karaoke Korner by Audrey under false
pretenses - co-worker of Audrey - Singing ability not required
EVELYN (mid 20s-early 30s) - Fiance to Brad and a die-hard lover of anything Cleveland and wants
Brad to embrace Cleveland whether Brad wants to or not - Singing ability a plus but not required
SHAWN (mid-20s to early 30s) - acquaintance of Lily. Has been dragged to the Karaoke Korner by
Lily under false pretenses - Singing ability a plus but not required
**All understudies will be guaranteed a performance**

To apply for this job email your details to casting@thefactorytheater.com