Pay Rate: 100 Stipend
Audition Date and Time: February 25th and 26th 7-10 Callbacks Sat. March 2nd 12-4
Audition Location: Factory Theater 1623 W.Howard street Chicago Il 60626
Contact Person Email: casting@thefactorytheater.com
Contact Person Name: Timothy C. Amos Casting Director

The Factory is seeking actors for it’s upcoming production Of PROPHET$ by Anthony Tournis, Directed by Wm. Bullion

Synopsis: This is the story of three Chicago Con artists who relocate to Texas to start a church for Profit. At odds with a TV Evangelist who doesn’t want them to invade his turf the friends find conflict in ways they could not imagine.

Material to Prepare:

Sides From the script will be provided.

Time Commitment:

Rehearsals begin April 22nd
Previews begin June 7th
Opening June 14th
Runs Fri. and Sat. at 8 and Sunday at 3
Closes Sat. July 20th
Rehearses typical weekday nights and weekend days.

Character Type/Restrictions:

Seeking actors to play:

Seth Levy – late 30’s. Order taker. Spineless and weak willed. Doesn’t want trouble but always does what Vic tells him to do. He is sick of the life and wants to get out but doesn't know how. Seth is always the pessimist.

Red- A true believer who thinks that Vic, Seth, and Owen are the real deal. Does the leg work of the crew and enjoys the hard work, but has no idea he is being conned.

Darla Grant – con artist. Knows the angles, knows the game. She has all the skills and tools for being a successful and profitable televangelist, but isn't male. She has to be able to win an audience over with her smile, but also be the dominant one in the room.

Evelyn – Leslie Goode’s…mother? Evelyn is a mystery in that we don't really know her relationship to Leslie. She is very 'Tammy Faye Bakker'. She knows the game that is being played and is a master at it. She's a more successful version of Darla.

Agnes – Elderly woman. Long time caller and devoted member of Vic’s flock. She believes Vic wholeheartedly and with the fervor of a fanatic.

Supporting characters: Boy, Police officer, Newscaster 1, Newscaster 2, Newscaster 3, Interviewer, Caller 1, Caller 2, Caller 3.

Vic, Owen, and Leslie have been cast.

To apply for this job email your details to casting@thefactorytheater.com