Pay Rate: Stipend
Audition Date and Time: Auditions - Oct 22 and 23 from 6-10pm; Callbacks - Oct 29 from 6-10pm
Contact Person Email: casting@strawdog.org
Contact Person Name: Karissa Murrell Myers

Strawdog Theatre Company announces auditions for THIRST by C.A. Johnson, directed by Andrea J. Dymond.

Samira and Greta lead a peaceful life. They have their own clearing in the woods, their own hut, and their son Kalil to keep them laughing. When Kalil returns home without their water rations, they find themselves in dangerous conflict with their local political leader. Set in a tense, segregated society, THIRST is a complex look at family and love in war-time.

We encourage performers of all sizes, genders, and abilities to submit, and strongly encourage members of the LGBTQ+ community to apply, particularly for the roles of SAMIRA and GRETA.

Material to Prepare:

Sides will be emailed.

Time Commitment:

Nov 30 to Dec 30 - Rehearsal
Jan 2 to 8 - Tech
Jan 9 to 12 - Previews
Jan 13 to Feb 15 - Performance Run

Character Type/Restrictions:

SAMIRA: Black F, 30's-40's, she has an easy grace, but a stern bearing. In a relationship with Greta.

GRETA: White F, 30's-40's. She grew up solidly middle class, but knows a thing or two about struggling. In a relationship with Samira.

KALIL: Black M, 9-11 years old. Samira and Greta's found son. He's curious and he never forgets a good story.

TERRANCE: Black M, 30's-40's. The local militia leader. A loner nursing a broken heart and a mighty rage. Samira's ex-husband.

BANKHEAD: Black M, 30's-40's. Terrance's older brother. Smart, likely a high functioning alcoholic, a real compliment to Terrance.

COOLIE: Black M, late 20's-30s. Former military and head of Terrance's "boys". Hotheaded but observant.

To apply for this job email your details to ourperspectivecasting@gmail.com