Pay Rate: None
Audition Date and Time: Sunday, March 1, 5:00-8:00 p.m. Monday, March 2, 6:00-9:00 p.m.
Audition Location: St. Bonaventure Oratory, 1625 W. Diversey. Parking available.

Auditions for
April–May 2020 production of
Born Yesterday
by Garson Kanin

To request an appointment, please email headshot and resume to  auditions@saintsebastianplayers.org

Material to Prepare:

Prepare 1-minute comedic monologue suited to the character you are auditioning for. 

Time Commitment:

March 8–April 23

April 24–May 17, 2020
Fridays and Saturdays 7:30 p.m., Sundays 2 p.m. 
Please do not submit if you are unavailable for any
performance dates or tech week beginning Sat., April 18.

All rehearsals and performances take place at
St. Bonaventure Oratory, 1625 W. Diversey. Parking available.

Character Type/Restrictions:

We seek adult actors (18+) to play the following characters:


Paul Verrall (30s–40s) A young, idealistic reporter. Naturally inquisitive, alert and thoughtful. Serious by nature, he’s a bit stiff at first but loosens up. He has no problem standing up for what he believes in.

Harry Brock (40s–50s) A vulgar and egotistical junkman, Harry Brock has come to Washington full of fraudulent schemes. Loud and verbally and physically abusive of those around him, including Billie. When he gives an order, it had better happen now; if not, things might get physical. (New York accent)

Eddie Brock (30s–40s) Brother of Harry, Eddie Brock often handles the little details of his older brother’s business, “greasing the wheels,” as it were, with tips and pay-offs. He knows his limits and has a healthy respect for them. (New York accent)

Ed Devery (40s–60s) A once promising young lawyer who lost sight of the promise, he is now an alcoholic lawyer with one client, Harry. He is resigned to his lot but at times his memory of what he was brings out in him some bitterness and even a backbone.

Senator Norval Hedges (50s–60s) A nervous politician currently on the payroll of Harry Brock, who plans on using the senator for his own means. (Also plays Assistant Manager)

2 Bellhops


Helen (40s–60s) a maid who takes no B.S.

Billie Dawn (20s–30s) A charming but poorly educated ex-chorus girl, Billie Dawn is entirely lacking in social graces. Has a natural honesty and desire to improve her lot in life. Girlfriend of Harry. (New York accent)

Mrs. Hedges (40s–60s) Socially graceful woman. Poised, well-dressed, charming and completely incurious about her husband’s work.


To apply for this job email your details to auditions@saintsebastianplayers.org