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Pay Rate: Pay for principals: $250 per week during rehearsals, $200 per week during performances. Pay for understudies: $75-$100 per week during rehearsals, $50 per week during performances.
Audition Date and Time: Sunday April 7 10am-1pm at The Edge Off Broadway– 1133 W Catalpa Ave, Chicago. Tuesday April 9 5pm-10pm at Steep Theatre– 1044 W Berwyn, Chicago.
Audition Location: Sunday at The Edge Off Broadway– 1133 W Catalpa Ave, Chicago. Tuesday at Steep Theatre– 1044 W Berwyn, Chicago.
Contact Person Email:
Contact Person Name: Lucy and Lisa

A collaboration years in the making, Refracted is thrilled to be producing CORONATION by Laura Winters. A femme-futurist political satire, this production will challenge all of your notions around storefront theater in Chicago, as you double over in laughter and tremble with fear. After another female candidate loses the presidency, three women drunkenly invent a way to circumvent elections and place a woman in power: all hail the Queen of America. The play positions female autonomy against the power and prestige of artificial intelligence, as it asks scarily topical questions like: can we work within a system that was never meant to work for us? When it comes to the government, AI, and the public, who works for whom?

Material to Prepare:

Auditions will be by invitation based on hs/res submissions sent through the link at “apply for job” below.
Hs/res sent via email without this form will not be considered.
Sides will be provided upon scheduling auditions.

Time Commitment:

First Rehearsal: August 26th, 2024
Rehearsals: Monday- Thursday from 6:30pm- 10pm and Saturdays from 10am- 2pm
Tech: October 4 - October 10 (weekday daytime rehearsals expected October 8-10th and possibly October 11th)
Invited Dress: Thursday October 10
Previews: October 11, 12, 13 and 16
Understudy Rehearsal/Run: Tuesday October 15
Press Opening: Thursday October 17 (shows will be Thursday- Saturday at 7:30pm and Sundays at 3pm)
Opening Night: Friday October 18
Closing Night: Saturday November 16
Possible Extension Closing Night: Saturday November 23

Character Type/Restrictions:

Roles being cast:

ACTOR #1 - female, any race, 30s - 40s
ACTOR #2 - female, person-of-color, 30s
ACTOR #3 - non-binary/gender non-conforming, any race, 20s - 30s
ACTOR #4 - male, any race, 30s+

UNDERSTUDY #1 - Covering Actor #1 and Actor #2 (female, any race, 30s)
UNDERSTUDY #2 - Covering Actor #3 (gender non-conforming, any race, 20s - 30s)
UNDERSTUDY #3 - Covering Actor #4 (male, any race, 30s - 40s)

ACT 1 - 2044 The First Lady's Library and Suite

ACTOR #1: MAGGIE ARCO: a political First Lady whose Twitter bio reads "Mother First," 60s
KATE MIDDLETON, THE QUEEN CONSORT: a prerecorded British voice, friend to Maggie.
KIKI: a pre-recorded computerized voice whose functionality is identical to today's Siri, Apple's virtual assistant. However, since this is 2044, her speaking capabilities are 20 more years advanced from today and are nearly indistinguishable from a human.
ACTOR #2: AMARIA NADAL: a confident Presidential candidate, 50s
ACTOR #3: PAINTER: happy to be here, 30s
INDIGO ARCO: Maggie's daughter, a revolutionary, 20

ACT 2 - 2121, The Queen's Quarters

ACTOR #1: KIKI: The first ever Kiki who can walk and talk. Emotionless, strong, a bit clumsy, ageless
ACTOR #2: CORNELIA ARCO: the first ever Queen of the United States, capable, 19
ACTOR #3: TRISTAN: the Queen's coordinator and stand-in parent figure, 40s
INDIGO ARCO: lovely but senile, the only living Mother of Majesty, 105
ACTOR #4: PRESIDENT HALMADY - a well-intentioned, yet patronizing man, 60s
JAXS* - a male talk show host (think, Andy Cohen)
*The interview in this act can either be prerecorded by members of the cast, or a different actor

ACT 3 - 2304, The Queen's Suite

ACTOR #1: KIKI: a fully autonomous robot with near-human feelings, ageless
ACTOR #2: PLYMOUTH: The 6th Queen of the United States, sweet, uneducated, 24
ACTOR #3: PRESIDENT JORDAN: no-nonsense president, 50s
ACTOR #4: MASTER KROLL: a pompous painter, a man, 40s