Pay Rate: $200 (1/2 paid at opening, ½ paid at closing) plus $20 per performance performed.
Audition Date and Time: submissions based only
Contact Person Email: casting@raventheatre.com
Contact Person Name: Catherine Miller

Raven Theatre seeks understudy submissions for three roles in our upcoming production of Sundown, Yellow Moon by Rachel Bonds, Directed by Cody Estle.


Material to Prepare:

To submit, please send your headshot/resume to casting@raventheatre.com with the subject line "SDYM Understudy". Sides to tape will be sent after submission and if you are reading for JEAN or TOM, you must also record a video of yourself playing guitar and singing as well.

Time Commitment:

Complete all necessary and reasonable preparation activities to successfully perform in this production as requested by the Director.
- Participate in at least two (2) rehearsals each week.
- Participate in at least two (2) technical and dress rehearsals.
- Participate in all understudy rehearsals scheduled following opening night. These rehearsals are usually on Sunday evening following the Sunday matinee performance.
- Be on call until thirty (30) minutes before curtain for each performance.
- Appear in all performances of the production as requested by the Producing Artistic Director.
- Attend at least two (2) preview performances.
- Attend at least one (1) regular performance each week.
- Be completely off-script by the first understudy rehearsal (first Sunday after opening).
- Observe all call times, instructions, and schedules for the production as provided by the Stage Manager.

Note: an understudy is not guaranteed to replace an actor performing a role in case this actor
leaves the production.

First Rehearsal: 8/26/2019
Design Run: 9/19/2019
Tech: 9/28/2019 – 10/2/2019
Previews: 10/3/2019 – 10/6/2019
Opening: 10/7/2019
Closing: 11/17/2019

Performances are Thu-Sat at 7:30pm and Sun at 3:00pm.

Character Type/Restrictions:

TOM-  mid/late 50’s; brash, funny, leftist, opinionated, highly intelligent, Southern; a high school English teacher who loves his job; he loves his daughters openly; very proud, he hates to be pitied or questioned; he has strong convictions, is unafraid to voice them, and has a temper, he is wrestling with the consequences of this; he can be depressive, and lately this has manifested itself in anger; he is deeply kind beneath a sometimes gruff exterior; a lover of literature and music; must be able to sing and play guitar.

TED-a poet, 40’s; highly intelligent, well-spoken, and a deeply stalled writer; self-deprecating and both full of self-doubt and self-centeredness; he is bright and quick, appreciates language, and is drawn to and enamored with women; he’s sincere, though, and honest, there is not any kind of slick or slime to him; not from around here, he has traveled and experienced more culture than most in this town.

JEAN-a family friend, early 50’s; sweet, warm, caring, talkative, open-hearted; a caretaker; Southern; she’s likely seen some dark times and you can see it on her face, but she’s carried on anyway; she loves her husband, her friends and animals; must be able to sing and play guitar.

To apply for this job email your details to casting@raventheatre.com