Pay Rate: Non-Equity=$800 flat fee paid in bi-weekly installments/CAT 1=$375 in reh./$272 in perf.
Audition Date and Time: Video submission deadline June 18th.
Audition Location: Virtual, please submit self-tape to the Dropbox link
Contact Person Email: casting@raventheatre.com
Contact Person Name: Lynn Baber

The Last Pair of Earlies – a World Premiere by Joshua Allen, Directed by Tyla Abercrumbie

Preparation — Please see the casting breakdown and sides below

Young Della Rose (Black/African-American. Female. 17.) — In love and full of dreams. [You don’t need to BE 17 to audition, but should read young]

Young Wayland (Black/African-American. Male. 18.) — In love and full of dreams, hopes, and plans. [You don’t need to BE 18 to audition, but should read young..]

Della Rose (Black/African-American. Female. 35.) — Loyal, tired, always putting on a hopeful and positive face, dreams shattered, still in love.

Wayland (Black/African-American. Male. 36.) — Wishes he hadn’t made a series of bad choices, doesn’t see the way out, still full of dreams.

Jimmy (Black/African-American. Male. 28.) — Kind, capable, church deacon.

Myrna Lee (Black/African-American. Female. 32.) — The life of the party, fun, chatty.

Links for SCRIPT & SIDES
Della and Wayland sides:
Young Della sides:
Young Wayland sides:
Myrna Lee sides:
Jimmy sides:
https:/ /drive.google.com/file/d/1kXfBoNoZwnDkLhPY-cr_akHD-wnsJOqc/view?usp=sharing
SCRIPT, The Last Pair of Earlies by Joshua Allen:

In the event you do not have easy access to a reader, please prepare a monologue from the show (if one exists for your character) or a monologue from a similar style of the show.

Young Wayland has long monologues on pages 3 and 29; Young Della has one on page 18 and another on page 70 and another one on page 87; Wayland has a short monologue on page 43 and a long one on page 50; Della has a monologue on page 75. Jimmy and Myrna Lee do not have monologues within the play.

Deadline for submission of videos is 10pm Friday, June 18th. 

Submit your materials here: https://www.dropbox.com/request/9IGkNu9uMHzGf6LcWFq1

Material to Prepare:

The script has been provided for audition preparation purposes only. It may not be shared publicly or privately for any reason. Please adhere to the following guidelines for video submissions.

Frame your video(s) from waist to just above the head with little to no negative space at the top.

Use a stationary recording device with horizontal framing. Please don't hold the recording device in your hand.

Make sure your front light is brighter than your backlight.

Please use a reader to record the sides.

Include the following information in your slate: Name, Equity status.

Label files YOURname_ROLE.fileformat

Attach headshot and resume to your emailed submission.


Time Commitment:

• First Read: 9/22/2021
• Design Run: 10/14/2021
• Tech: 10/22/2021 – 10/31/2021
• Previews: 10/27/2021 – 10/31/2021
• Opening: 11/1/2021
• Closing: 12/12/2021

Performance Schedule
Previews: Wed 10/27, Fri 10/29, Sat 10/30 @7:30pm and Sun 10/31 @ 3:00pm
Opening Night: Mon 11/1 @7:30pm
Regular Run: Thu-Sat @ 7:30pm, Sun @ 3:00pm.
Holidays: There will be no performance on Thanksgiving, 11/25

Character Type/Restrictions:

One EQUITY member in the cast of 6. The other 5 will be NON-EQUITY.

Please see casting breakdown above.

To apply for this job email your details to info@raventheatre.com