Pay Rate: Stipend TBD
Audition Location: Pride Arts Center, 4139 N. Broadway

We all know the story of the outcast toys and how they were rescued from their island by a certain famous reindeer (may he rest in peace) and some other long-forgotten creatures. But what became of the outcast toys when they came back to America? They became huge celebrities, of course! Now, years later, they return to the island to compete in a series of challenges where they must sing, model, design fashion, outwit/outplay/outlast and bake cakes, and of course, dance for their lives, all to prove that they are AMERICA’S BEST. And you, the audience, actually determine the results with your vote, meaning every night can be a whole new show!

Seeking 9 performers, ages 20s – 40s, of various types and vocal ranges. Applicants should be strong singers as well as strong comedic actors. Actors of all ethnicities, gender identities, and actors with disabilities are encouraged to submit.

Audition Dates:

September 16 and 17, 6pm-10pm

Callbacks: September 23, 6pm-10pm

Material to Prepare:

To schedule an audition appointment, please send your Headshot & Resume to prideactor@gmail.com, and indicate your availability. We will do our best to accommodate all requests. Sides and scores from the script will be provided for you to prepare in advance. An accompanist will be provided.

Time Commitment:

Workshop Reading Rehearsal - 10/7 through 10/14
Invited Workshop Reading - 10/14
Rehearsal Start - Week of 10/14
Tech - 11/18 through 11/28
1st preview - 11/29
Opening - 12/3
Closing - 1/12

Character Type/Restrictions:

SCHMERMIE - our celebrity host once was a humble toymaker but gave in to the lure of reality TV fame.

JUDGES ONE, TWO AND THREE - Three actors will have several costume changes as they take on the characters of PAULA, SIMON, RANDY, JENNIFER, NIGEL, HEIDI, MARY, PAUL, JEFF, RU, and MICHELLE. (They also play KITTY, BEARY, and FISHBIRD.)


ASHLEY - This totally generic rag doll has self-esteem issues and thinks she's unlovable.

JACKIE - In a world where “in-the-boxes” are defined by gender, JACKIE doesn't fit in.

SQUEAK - Free of her faberge-egg-tomb, this meek wind-up toy longs to find her own voice.

KITTY - This push-up toy has all the moves and no apparent bones or joints. (ALSO: JUDGE 1)

BUCKY - Who says a cowboy can't ride an ostrich? And wear a pink bandana? Where's the rule?

BEARY - Teddy bears don't usually have wings, but you should see BEARY rock them! (ALSO: JUDGE 2)

SPOTTY - This pink-polka-dot elephant has a sympathy-inducing skin condition.

FISHBIRD - This strange hybrid toy was assembled by a disgruntled stuffed animal factory employee. (ALSO: JUDGE 3)

To apply for this job email your details to prideactor@gmail.com