Pay Rate: $500 for rehearsals/run.
Audition Location: Video Submission
Contact Person Email: Jay@oillamptheater.org
Contact Person Name: Jay Pastucha

Oil Lamp Theater is seeking submissions for understudies for the roles of Jamie, Man, and Abby for its production of Now and Then by Sean Grennan.  Elizabeth Mazur Levin will direct this production.  We are asking for self-taped submissions.  If we would like to see more of your work following your submission, we will arrange a mutually agreed upon time for a virtual meeting.

Now and Then by Sean Grennan: Sometimes what happens after last call just might change your life. One night in 1981, just as Jamie is closing the bar where he works, a desperate last-minute customer offers him and his girlfriend Abby two thousand dollars to sit and have a drink with him. Who wouldn’t take it? As the trio swaps stories and Jamie considers the decisions he faces about his musical career and his future with his girlfriend Abby, the young couple begins to realize that this older man is unusually invested in their choices… and the reason he gives them is completely unbelievable. But when a very displeased second stranger arrives, the unbelievable begins to look like it just might be true. Now and Then is a heartfelt romantic comedy about the costs of the choices we make, and the people who make them with us.

Audition Date and Time

Self-taped submissions should be submitted to THIS FORM no later than Monday, January 10 at 9pm.   Those submitting should record all of the sides for the understudy role they are seeking found at this LINK. For the scenes, please use a reader. A copy of the script is located there as well. This link also includes the Chicago Theatre Standards disclosure form for this production.

Please Note: Understudies are required to attend at least one rehearsal per week, all of tech and one performance each week through the run. Rehearsals may be attended virtually, if agreed upon.

Time Commitment:

Rehearsals will begin in late January and are typically held from 7-10pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and 10am-1pm on Saturdays. Pending actor availability, there may also be some weekday, daytime rehearsals in lieu of weekday evenings. Tech is on Saturday, March 12, 10am- 5pm, Sunday, March 13, 10am-5pm, Monday, March 14, 7-10:30pm and Tuesday, March 15, 7-10:30 pm. The production will run March 17-May 1 with performances Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings at 8pm and matinees on Saturdays and Sundays at 3pm.

Character Type/Restrictions:

We are seeking understudies for these roles:

JAMIE (male identifying, mid 20s/early 30s):  Bartender and aspiring pianist. A regular guy, sincere, hardworking, very much in love with Abby.

MAN (male identifying, mid 60s):  A bit beaten down, but good-natured. Easy to talk to, well spoken, sincere. Husband of 35 years to WOMAN. He is desperate.

ABBY (female identifying, mid 20s/early 30s):  IHOP waitress and one-time English major, funny, very much in love with Jamie