Problem Play

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Independent Production

Pay Rate: $250
Audition Date and Time: Auditions accepted until July 2. Callbacks will be held in-person July 11-14.
Contact Person Email:
Contact Person Name: Rebecca Schilsky

Problem Play is a new work by Hannah Blau and directed by Rashaad A. Bond. It expands, challenges, and redefines the #MeToo movement by asking its characters tough questions about consent and forgiveness, all through the lens of one of Shakespeare’s most complex plays. Set in a high school in Alabama, a group of students rehearse their school production of Measure for Measure as they try to learn about sex, adulthood, and doing the right thing. Performances will be at The Color Club.

CW: This play deals with issues of sexual assault, abortion, and arrest.

Material to Prepare:

Please email your headshot and resume to and submit a self-tape of a 1 minute contemporary monologue and a 1 minute classical monologue to the google form below. Please submit your self-tape by July 2nd.

Time Commitment:

July 29th -September 7th
Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays: 7:30 pm -10:30 pm
Saturdays: 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

September 9th & 10th
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

September 11th - 27th
Wednesday - Friday 7:30 pm

Character Type/Restrictions:

All teenagers will be played by adults.

Virginia: (Fem, White, 30-40s)Virginia is a high school Drama and English teacher. She would do anything for her students, but is limited by bureaucracy. She is incredibly well-meaning but like most teachers, under-resourced.

Regan: (Fem, White, 16) Regan is so excited to be cast in the school play. She is a try-hard and a goody-two-shoes. She is also deeply lonely and determined to connect with her classmates. This role requires simulated sex and partial nudity.

Ezra: (Masc, Person of Color, 14) Ezra is a surprisingly seasoned young performer. He is full of bravado and is often mistaken for older than he is. He is meaner to himself than he is to anybody else. He plays the guitar. This role requires simulated sex and partial nudity.

Connie: (Fem, Latina, 16) Connie is experimenting with acting, but only because she wants to, and not because anyone told her to. She is extroverted and razor sharp and has mastered the art of false confidence. This role requires kissing.

Parker: (Masc, Black, 17) Parker is the class clown. He was made for the stage. He is best friends with Connie, even though she sometimes baffles him. This role requires kissing.

Lorenzo: (Masc, White, 17) Lorenzo is Connie’s new boyfriend. He is not in the play. Not his style. He has just found his stride in high school and is enjoying his newfound clout, even if it means some people envy him.

Principal Munifex/Officer: (Masc, 40-50s) Principal Munifex is the voice of the recorded law. He is just doing his job.

Kenny: (Masc, Black, 15) Kenny feels safest when traveling with the pack. He just wants to make it through high school, one day at a time.
(The actor cast as Kenny will understudy Parker and Ezra)


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