Pay Rate: $100 rehearsal stipend, as well as an additional $40 per performance. Travel stipends may also be provided.
Contact Person Email: improvplayhousetya@gmail.com
Contact Person Name: Kira Nutter

Hoist the sails, and prepare to embark on the touring adventure of the season! 

Improv Playhouse is seeking actors for its Fall touring production of “Suzette Who Set to Sea,” by Finegan Kruckmeyer!

In a small seaside village where men build boats and women do not, young Suzette knows she is different – she longs for the sea and believes she is meant for something greater than a life on land. So when a mysterious event occurs, Suzette is forced to do that most difficult thing – prove herself worthy of her destiny. Loading her loved ones onto a boat she has secretly built, Suzette sets to sea. This adventurous, imaginative tale relies on courage, community, *puppetry,* play, and the possibility that sometimes it only takes the actions of a single person to change everything…all afloat a spectacle of transformation that has it globally revered.


Note: This is also a show that demands comfort with physical comedy and comedic timing as the characters shift between worlds. Also, since this tale centers around finding one’s voice and power in a world typically forged by men, we would love to center those marginalized voices in our act of storytelling. As such, we are specifically seeking women and non-binary identifying individuals for these roles, all of which incorporate multiple hats, from sea-faring women, to men, to giant fish and beyond! 

Captain – 20-70 years old. A swarthy, sea-faring leader, who has faced the best and worst. A character full of confidence: no-nonsense with a touch of playful bravado. Casting a woman or non-binary person for this role.

One-Legged Pete – 20-70 years old. The man’s got two legs, and sharp wit. Actors with some knowledge of ASL or BASL encouraged to apply. Casting a woman or non-binary person for this role.

Conroy – 20-30 years old. The butt of everyone’s joke, and still not quite getting it. Must be okay with getting drenched in water every show. Casting a woman or non-binary person for this role.


All actors will receive a $100 rehearsal stipend, as well as an additional $40 per performance.* Travel stipends may also be provided.

*The number of shows will depend on demand and availability – with an ensured mainstage run –  though we expect to have a busy Fall season.


Actors will be contracted from mid-August (2022) – January (2023) with a five-week rehearsal-process beginning August 30th. There will also be a full-team, movement-exploration workshop on August 18th. No rehearsal will be held during Labor Day weekend.

For touring performances, actors must have at least two morning/midday availabilities a week. These performances will be scheduled around actor availability, whereas actors must be available for our mainstage run September 30th (evening), October 1st (midday + evening), and October 2nd (midday).


Touring performances will take place across Chicagoland (carpool potentially available). Mainstage performances will take place at Improv Playhouse’s Annex Theatre (Libertyville, IL). Rehearsals will take place at About Face Theatre Offices (Chicago, IL).


Self-tape – please either 1) prepare a comedic/dramatic monologue in the style of theatre for young audiences, or 2) tell us a story utilizing puppetry, movement, words, or all of the above! All submissions should preferably run no more than 2-minutes in length. Submit your tape through the following form – https://forms.gle/2L9pKRVJQMor5bNd6 – as an UNLISTED YouTube or Vimeo link.

*Optional* – You may also attach an additional video exemplifying experience in movement, puppetry, toy theatre, and/or physical theatre.

Auditions/forms are due by Wednesday, August 10th. Callbacks will be held Sunday, August 14th from 2-6pm, though if you have a conflict with that day/time, please dictate that on your form, and we will adjust accordingly.



Director: Sivan Spector

Assistant Director: Erin Claeys

Producer: Kira Nutter

IP Artistic Director: David Stuart

IP TYA Creative Director: Kira Nutter

IP Office Manager: Rachel Kwiecinski

Improv Playhouse’s Safety Procedures and Protocols:

Improv Playhouse adheres to CDC/Illinois/County Covid-19 safety protocols, as well as additional protocols designed to prioritize the health and safety of all artists, staff, and patrons. This includes, but is not limited to: screening for artists and staff, sanitizing of the rehearsal space and common areas of the performance and audience space before each rehearsal/performance, wearing of masks, etc.