Pay Rate: $100 Rehearsal Stipend, $40/show, Possible travel stipend available
Audition Date and Time: Due Monday, September 20th at 11:59PM CST
Audition Location: Virtual Submission
Contact Person Email: improvplayhousetya@gmail.com
Contact Person Name: Kat Phillips (she/they)

Thank you so much for your interest in collaborating with Improv Playhouse. Please fill out this form to the best of your abilities regarding our touring fall/winter productions of T.I.P.S FOR A POSITIVE SCHOOL (Anti-Bullying Assembly) and THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE. Performances and rehearsals will be scheduled around actor availability. At least two weekday morning/midday availability is required.

Performance Location: Across Chicagoland (Carpool possibly available)
Rehearsal Location: Zoom and About Face Theatre (Chicago, IL)
Length of Contract: September 2021-January 2022*
*(Rehearsals starting late September, Performance availability starting in October)

Please email improvplayhousetya@gmail.com for any questions. We appreciate your time and efforts. Audition/Google forms are due by Monday, September 20th at 11:59PM CST. Thanks again!

Please note the number of shows will depend on demand and availability. We will abide by all COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Touring Actor Job Description:

1. TYA Touring Actors will be responsible for the rehearsal and performance of
Improv Playhouse TYA touring productions.

2. TYA Touring Actors generally rehearse between 15 and 20 hours prior to the first

3. TYA Touring Actors generally perform touring shows at Public Libraries, Daycare
Centers, and Elementary Schools in the mornings for children and families.

4. TYA Touring Actors are compensated on a per show basis, as detailed in the

5. It is possible and likely that TYA Touring Actors will be asked to supply their own
costumes for touring shows. These are often basic articles of clothing that most
people own. In the event that a rather specific costume piece is needed, Improv
Playhouse will be responsible for acquiring said piece, or reimbursing the Actor for
the purchase of said piece. Any costume pieces that Improv Playhouse reimburses
the actor for purchasing belong to Improv Playhouse.

6. Improv Playhouse will be responsible for the acquisition and use of props and
scenery for all touring shows. Improv Playhouse is not responsible for the safety andcare of any personal items used in touring shows as props, costumes, and scenery.

7. TYA Touring Actors are expected to maintain a positive and collaborative disposition in regards to
the work and creative atmosphere.

About the Productions:

T.I.P.S FOR A POSITIVE SCHOOL (Anti-Bullying Assembly)
[T.I.P.S. – Teaching and Implementing Positive Safety]
A fun-filled workshop that focuses on the theme of “Being A Friend, Not A Bully”. You start off the workshop with affirming, interactive games for your students and patrons that focus on creating a supportive environment.
With our two-person script, you then:
– Implement puppetry to teach our Eight Great Tips To “Be A Friend, Not A Bully!”
– Help children identify bullying behavior through personification with puppet friends
– Cover: Cyber & Social Media, Physical, Emotional, and Bias-Based types of bullying
– Illustrate that those who bully, or act out, are not bad people. Oftentimes, these are the people who need a friend the most.
In our 50 minute performance, we always remind everyone that the best way to have friends is to be a great friend!

A two-person adaptation of the novel. The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe by C.S Lewis adapted for the stage by le Clanche du Rand! In this exciting 45 minute adaptation, students learn the story of The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe all through the power of imagination and play.

Improv Playhouse’s Safety Procedures and Protocols:

Improv Playhouse adheres to CDC/Illinois/County Covid-19 safety protocols, as well as additional protocols designed to prioritize the health and safety of all artists, staff, and patrons. This includes, but is not limited to: screening for artists and staff, sanitizing of the rehearsal space and common areas of the performance and audience space before each rehearsal/performance, wearing of masks, etc.

Audition/Google forms are due by Monday, September 20th by 11:59 PM CST. Please fill out this form.

Material to Prepare:

REQUIRED: Include a self-tape of a monologue no more than 3 minutes long, preferably comedic and/or in the style of children's theatre. Tape yourself from the waist up and submit your tape as an UNLISTED link to YouTube or Vimeo.

OPTIONAL: You may also attach an additional contrasting monologue or song 1-2 minutes in length.

Time Commitment:

10-15 hours of rehearsal time with optional virtual brush up rehearsals | Contract: September 2021-January 2022 with the option to extend | Shows are typically 3 hours total with set up/takedown

Character Type/Restrictions:

Character Type/Restrictions:

T.I.P.S FOR A POSITIVE SCHOOL (Anti-Bullying Assembly)

- Actor 1 and 2 (18+, any ethnicity and gender): Energetic, improv-experienced actors with a love for interacting with kiddos. Can easily play off of each other, unexpected children's scenarios, and everything in between. Curious, creative, and engaged. Patient with children and listen well. Can direct others with confidence. Encouraging and inclusive of all. Passion for anti-bullying. Improv experience is a must as this script is highly adaptable and reliant on audience participation.


- Lucy/Witch/Wolf/Statues (any gender/ethnicity, 18 years+): A spunky 8 year old whose energy and imagination burst from them at all moments. This performer should also be able to play commanding and malicious roles, such as the Witch.

- Peter/Mr. Tumnus/Edmund/Mr.Beaver/Aslan (any gender/ethnicity, 18 years+): A noble 14 year old who is as caring for his siblings as he is brave in the face of danger. While much of this character's strength and gravitas is important, they should also be able to play a bratty and entitled 9 year old.

To apply for this job email your details to info@improvplayhouse.com