Flatland: A Geo-Magic Journey

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Pay Rate: $100 rehearsal stipend + $40 per performance (w/ additional travel stipends)
Contact Person Email: improvplayhousetya@gmail.com
Contact Person Name: Kira Nutter

Improv Playhouse is seeking actors for its Spring touring production of Flatland, based on the original Victorian novella by Edwin A. Abbott, reimagined by Syd Luse, and directed by Sunnie Eraso.

“For Hex, the two-dimensional plane is all she’s ever known. In fact, it’s all that exists… until it isn’t! Join this geo-magic march through multi-dimensions as we discover the true power of love, community, and possibilities outside the known, as well as what happens when we refuse to see them. Because even Geometry has to confront rigidity, and that’s coming from a bunch of polygons!”

Note from the Playwright and Director:

Hello, dimension 3.5-ers and welcome to Flatland – a place that teaches us about love, activism, and the importance of questioning authority. What do we do when we learn something that destroys everything we once knew to be true? How do we dismantle a power structure that’s been around even longer than our grandparents? Is the next generation going to save the world?

Interested in diving into these big questions through the eyes of our young, polygonal hero and the vibrant world around her? Our team is seeking movers, feelers, puppet-people, crafters, and silly gooses alike to join a rehearsal room full of final script development, collaborative and physical world-building, and dedication to the power of young people. So, if you consider yourself a playful artist excited about the act of imagination and generosity that comes with both performing for young audiences and performing new work, come join us in Flatland! We can’t wait to see you!

– Syd and Sun(nie)


Our touring shows feature casts that are small but mighty – this production will feature a lot of character doubling, ensemble work, and transformation of all shapes and sizes. A few of these characters include:

THE BEING – a human, perhaps, or other being altogether. A narrator figure from the 7th dimension. THE BEING may join in as an ensemble member in the different worlds, but in a very BEING way.

HEX – hexagonal granddaughter. This role will NOT involve doubling.

QUART – closed off square, grandfather of HEX. This role WILL involve doubling.

GRANDMA TETRA – quiet square, married to QUART, grandmother of HEX. This role WILL involve doubling.

QUINTA – HEX’S five-sided best friend, fun, a little nervous, but meets HEX on her level. This role WILL involve doubling.

MR. POINT – the ruler of Pointland. Actors interested in the character of MR.POINT should be comfortable using their voice to sing in a silly way. This role WILL involve doubling.

THE QUEEN – monarch of Lineland. This role WILL involve doubling.

THE SPHERE – from Spaceland. This role WILL involve doubling.

QUINCY – strong minded pentagon, HEX’S mother, daughter of QUART and TETRA. This role WILL involve doubling.

We intend to cast an ensemble of five actors across these roles. In our Audition Form, you will have the opportunity to list all roles you wish to be considered for: please include any/all characters you feel connected to/willing to portray, regardless of any implied gender identity in the character descriptions above.

Improv Playhouse is committed to diversity and equal employment opportunities designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Improv Playhouse encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit. 


All actors will receive a $100 rehearsal stipend, as well as an additional $40 per performance.* Travel stipends may also be provided.

*The number of shows will depend on demand and availability, though bookings are already filling our calendar!


Actors will be contracted from February (2024) – May (2024) with a four-week rehearsal-process during our first month together, scheduled according to actor and team availability.

For touring performances, actors must have at least two morning/midday availabilities a week. These performances will also be scheduled around actor availability.


Touring performances will take place across Chicagoland (carpool potentially available). Rehearsals will take place at Otherworld Theatre (Chicago, IL) or Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church (Chicago, IL).


Self-tape – please prepare:

  1. SLATE: Please include your name and pronouns (if comfortable sharing).
  2. SIDE: Please select one of the following sides – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/106ne6xmDLfvtdxQCUSfC_9gPB9MdqWQJ?usp=sharing – preferably utilizing a reader. You may select any side, regardless of the characters you are auditioning for.
  3. OPTIONAL EXPERIENCE VIDEO: You may also attach an additional video (no more than 2 minutes) exemplifying experience in movement, puppetry, toy theatre, and/or physical theatre.

Submit your tape through the following form – https://forms.gle/xsqvmhWFstdBPs6Y8 – as an UNLISTED YouTube or Vimeo link.

Auditions/forms are due by 11:59 pm on Sunday, December 3rd. Callbacks will be held the week of December 11th based on actor availability. 


Director: Sunnie Eraso

Playwright: Syd Luse

IP Artistic Director: David Stuart

IP TYA Creative Director / Production Tour Manager: Kira Nutter

IP TYA Associate Creative Director / Production Stage Manager: Natalie Rarick

IP Office Manager: Rachel Kwiecinski

Improv Playhouse’s Safety Procedures and Protocols:

Improv Playhouse adheres to CDC/Illinois/County Covid-19 safety protocols, as well as additional protocols designed to prioritize the health and safety of all artists, staff, and patrons. This includes, but is not limited to: screening for artists and staff, sanitizing of the rehearsal space and common areas of the performance and audience space before each rehearsal/performance, wearing of masks, etc. 

Please contact Kira Nutter at improvplayhousetya@gmail.com with questions, concerns, or accommodation requests.

To apply for this job please visit forms.gle.