2024 Go To New Play Fest

  • Non-Equity
  • Anywhere

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We explore the nexus between live theatre and film

Pay Rate: $400

We are seeking non equity actors for the 2024 Go To New Play Festival at Theatre Wit from September 26-29.

Featuring short plays by Darren Canady, Stuart Day, and Douglas Post
Directed by Scott Westerman, Justice Ford, and Rachel Slavick


Material to Prepare:

Please fill out this form and submit your headshot & resume for consideration for the following roles: https://forms.gle/5SgnbrmpRCqFnVMm6

Time Commitment:

Rehearsals on Zoom and in person through the month of September.
Tech 9/23-9/25
Performances 9/26 & 9/27 at 7:30pm, 9/28 at 8pm, and 9/29 at 3pm

Character Type/Restrictions:

Bounce by Stuart Day:
-JANE - 30’s-40’s female identifying, can juggle
-JAMES - 30’s-40’s male identifying, can juggle

Talk by Stuart Day:
-HANK, a man in his fifties

Tum Tum and Mabel by Darren Canady:
-HEZ (Hezekiah) - male identifying, 30s+, Black. Jackie's partner
-JACKIE - male identifying, 30s+, White. Hez's partner

Let It Sear Blister and Burn by Darren Canady:
-RENEE - Black, female identifying, 20’s-30’s
-MAMA - Black, female identifying, 40’s-60’s

Number 163 by Douglas Post:
-FERGUSON, a gate agent, 20s

A Passenger’s Bill of Rights by Douglas Post:
-GWEN - a C.E.O, 50s

To apply for this job please visit forms.gle.