Pay Rate: $600 for the entire gig
Audition Date and Time: Deadline for self-tape auditions, May 20 at noon.
Audition Location: Callbacks will be at Fleetwood Jourdain Theatre, Noyes Cultural Arts Center, Evanston
Contact Person Email: lynnbabercasting@gmail.com
Contact Person Name: Lynn Baber, casting director for FJT


Director/Artistic Director Tim Rhoze would like to see one of the following monologues in a self-tape by May 20, 2022 {EARLIER IF POSSIBLE}.  Callbacks will be some time in the last half of May at Fleetwood Jourdain Theatre or our rehearsal studio, both located at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center, 927 Noyes, Evanston, IL 60201 [right by the Noyes el stop]

Material to Prepare:

Choose one of these 2 monologues, or use one of your own.
TASHA: Hi, y'all. I'm Tasha. I was born and raised in Detroit. I'm the founder and former President of this little group. Now I'm the official social secretary. I bring the PARTAY! I'm a pediatrician. My patients call me Dr. T. Yes, I'm the one who gives your kids all those shots they hate. I have a song and twin daughters. I call them my little jazz trio like they're not like they band. Chil, those kids get on my--These kids do the most!

LAUREN: A few days after Susie cleans my house it's a total mess. But the minute she leaves, I look around and don't touch a thing. I just sit in my living room and admire her handiwork and breathe. (beat.) Am I less of a woman because I allow another  to clean my stove, wipe down my countertops, mop my floor empty my trash and (whispers) scour my toilets? It took me decades to discover that my gradnmother, my regal gradmother did the same work -- day work they called it back then -- to keep my and her 4 little brothers fed. She hid it from us. She and my aunts told us they were nursess. Grandma used to tell me stories about the family she worked for. Somewhow it never occurred to me that nobody hired nurses with a junior high school education. 

Time Commitment:

Rehearsal start June 27 and are held Monday thru Friday in the evenings, approx 6pm to 10pm
Opening July 23, Closes August 7
Performances are Saturdays 7pm and Sundays 3pm
Both actors must be NON-EQUITY, LOCAL, and available for all (or most) rehearsals and ALL performances. We do not have understudies.
Please let us know of any conflicts up front.

Character Type/Restrictions:

Seeking Black actress 45+ years old:

TASHA SIMMONS – A fifty-year-old African American woman. Widowed. Pediatrician. Soulful, sweet and sassy.


To apply for this job email your details to lynnbabercasting@gmail.com