Pay Rate: FJT pays $600 for the entire job (rehearsals & performances) at the end--from City of Evanston
Audition Date and Time: Round #1 - Video submissions due by Friday, Feb 10. Submit to: lynnbabercasting@gmail.com Callbacks - In-person Saturday, Feb 18 & Sunday Feb 19, NOON TO 5PM by appointment at Noyes Cultural Arts Center 927 Noyes St., Evanston, IL 60201, Studio 223
Audition Location: Callbacks held at Fleetwood-Jourdain Theatre in the Noyes Cultural Arts Center Studio 223,927 Noyes St., Evanston, IL 60201
Contact Person Email: lynnbabercasting@gmail.com
Contact Person Name: Lynn Baber, casting director for Fleetwood-Jourdain Theatre

Obama-ology by Aurin Squire, directed by Bria Walker-Rhoze

When African-American college graduate Warren takes a job with the 2008 Obama campaign, he’s fired up and ready to go – until he lands in the troubled streets of East Cleveland. But somewhere between knocking on doors, fending off cops, and questioning his own racial and sexual identity, he learns that changing society isn’t as easy as he imagined… Obama-ology is a compelling journey into the lives of the black minority. This invisible underclass – despondent after a lifetime of presidential campaigns with only the educated, white candidate to represent them – have the flame of hope reignited by a passionate young man canvassing for Obama. A stunning play that demonstrates the resilience of the human spirit to overcome defeat at the hands of social repression and financial hardship.

Material to Prepare:

Please do a self-tape of one of the speeches in this document--SIDES: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1e1PmpNjtgmiV7QiLbKvROuPazI5NUnXp/view?usp=sharing
Pick the character you are appropriate for, and record one of the two short speeches in the sides document, and send the video in a shareable format to lynnbabercasting@gmail.com by 11:59pm, Feb 10. PLEASE ALSO SEND YOUR HEADSHOT AND RESUME. Casting Director Lynn Baber will contact you via email with a callback audition time if we are interested in seeing you after seeing your self-tape. (If you want to do both speeches provided for your character, you may.)

Time Commitment:

Rehearsal schedule:
Week 1: May 15-19
Week 2: May 22-26
Week 3: May 29-Jun 2
Rehearsals are 6pm-10pm Mon-Fri
Tech: June 5-9
Tech rehearsals are 6pm-midnight

Production schedule:
Week 1: June 10* & 11
Week 2: June 17* & 18
Week 3: June 24* & 25
Shows are at 7pm on Saturdays and 3pm on Sundays.
***Saturdays - 90 minute call time for cast line-thru.
Sundays - 1/2 hour call time. 

Character Type/Restrictions:

Role Breakdown:
This is a four-actor ensemble play told in a Brechtian (political) comedic style of theatre, with actors playing multiple characters.

SIDES: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1e1PmpNjtgmiV7QiLbKvROuPazI5NUnXp/view?usp=sharing

WARREN - early 20s, African American/Black, male-identifying, young, idealistic, political nerd.

ACTOR TWO - late 20s, African American/Black, female-identifying--Portrays the following roles:

INSTRUCTOR #1 - helpful campaign guide. Narrator.
BARBARA - hard-nosed field organizer in East Cleveland.
RESIDENT #1 - annoyed Cleveland resident.
CECE - single mother looking to change her life (sings “His Eye is on the Sparrow”)
CAITS - frustrated and troubled young woman.
NEIGHBOR - older woman on the block.
MOM - Warren’s Mom.

ACTOR THREE - late 20s, White, male-identifying--Portrays the following roles:

INSTRUCTOR #2- helpful campaign guide
SAM - East Cleveland Field Organizer
RESIDENT #2 - apathetic Cleveland resident
COP 1 - nervous, rookie officer
COP 2 - surly veteran traffic policeman
NIGHT COP - jittery rookie officer
BRAD - perky campaign volunteer
DAD - Warren’s Dad (off stage)

ACTOR FOUR - late 20s, White, female-identifying--Portrays the following roles:

INSTRUCTOR #3 - helpful campaign guide
LAURA - East Cleveland campaign director
RESIDENT #3 - Stepford-type wife
STORE CLERK - racist store clerk
LAINEY - perky campaign volunteer

To apply for this job email your details to lynnbabercasting@gmail.com