Pay Rate: There is pay for professionals: Rehearsal-Flat Stipend; Per Performance Stipend
Audition Date and Time: Self-Tapes Due no later than 1/16/21; upload to https://www.dropbox.com/request/YYqPTo5G0YNVuRuGQMe3; virtual call backs 1/22 7-10pm, 1/23 10am-1pm, 1/24 1-4pm
Contact Person Email: theatre@dom.edu

DUPAC announces auditions for a virtual production of She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen, directed by Krista Hansen. Seeking non-Equity adult actors, experience with puppetry and/or stage combat a plus. Rehearsals and performances to be predominantly VIRTUAL; some filming on campus with safety measures in place; actors do NOT need to be able to be physically present to be considered for casting. Professional actors will work with students actors in production.

We believe Black Lives Matter and support globally conscious, culturally inclusive casting.

Material to Prepare:

P/R, Self-Tape of two pieces:
--Monologue: either dramatic or comedic, 60-90 seconds, contemporary. It should be filmed in a close (upper chest/head) framing. Please deliver the monologue (at least in part) directly to the camera.
--Story Time: act out the story of your favorite fairy tale as if it is a fantasy action video game. Add whatever imaginary elements you wish. You do not need to physically create anything to tell the story; instead tell it with your voice and body in a way that will appeal to action gamers. Think Hans Christian Andersen meets Dungeons & Dragons. Please fit the story into a 3-minute piece and use full body/full room framing to show as much physical action as possible.

Upload P/R and self-tape: https://www.dropbox.com/request/YYqPTo5G0YNVuRuGQMe3
Please note any conflicts with call backs when submitting.

Time Commitment:

Rehearsals begin late January
Four Live Stream Performances-- April 15, 16, 17, 18 at 7pm

Character Type/Restrictions:

Seeking adult, non-Equity actors for the following:

Tilly Evans/Tillius the Paladin: Tilly is Agnes’s younger sibling who dies in a car crash at the age of fifteen. Tilly has a love for Dungeons & Dragons adventures and created a similar video game; in the game Tilly is called Tillius the Paladin. Tilly is described as liking anything nerdy or geeky or dark or weird. We learn through the game that Tilly was discovering/exploring self-identity in terms of sexuality and that Tilly was a victim of bullying while still alive.

Agnes Evans: Agnes, Tilly’s older sibling, is age 25, an English teacher, and described as “average” and wanting to “live an average life.” After Tilly’s death, Agnes plays Tilly’s video game in order to feel closer to Tilly, as they never had a close relationship. Agnes should present as reserved and methodical, but curious with room to grow into a warrior.

Miles/Gelatinous Blob: Miles is Agnes’s boyfriend of five years; Miles and Agnes are in the process of moving in together. Miles lacks emotional dimension/depth and is scared of commitment, though does eventually marry Agnes. He appears in the game as a shapeshifting gelatinous blob.

Ronnie/Orcus: Based on one of Tilly’s friends named Ronnie, Orcus is a demon of the underworld that holds onto lost souls or knows where to find them. Ronnie is obsessed with watching television.

Vera: Vera, the school counselor, is Agnes’s best friend, who is supportive of Agnes, but does not approve of Miles.

Chuck: Chuck is a friend from Tilly’s gaming group and the Dungeon Master for the game. Chuck helps Agnes throughout the game and introduces Agnes to Tilly's other real life friends.

Lilly/Lilith Morningstar: Lilith is a Demon Queen that resembles a dominatrix and is Tilly’s romantic partner in the game. Lilith is based on Tilly’s high school friend Lilly, who was Tilly’s first kiss.

Kelly/Kaliope Darkwater: Kaliope is a dark elf described as incredibly strong. Kaliope is based on Tilly’s friend Kelly, who is Ronnie’s sister.

Narrator: The Narrator describes events going in the play and provides backstory about Agnes and Tilly.

Steve: In real life Steve is one of Tilly’s classmates. In the game, Steve is a mage that is dominanted repeatedly throughout the game.

Farrah: Farrah is a fairy; one of the bosses Agnes must face on the quest.

Evil Gabbi and Evil Tina: Evil Gabbi and Evil Tina, based on Tilly’s high school bullies, are cheerleader succubi that torment Tilly, both in the game and when Tilly was alive.