Seven Guitars

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Website City Lit Theater Company

Pay Rate: $100 rehearsal stipend, plus $20 per performance (23 performances); total compensation $560.
Audition Date and Time: June 22nd 12:00pm-5:00pm & June 23 1:00pm-5:00pm
Audition Location: City Lit Theatre
Contact Person Email:
Contact Person Name: Carlyle DePriest

The Chicago storefront premiere of this searing August Wilson drama about six friends in the Hill District of Pittsburgh in 1948 mourning the death of their friend Floyd “Schoolboy” Barton, a rising blues star trapped by his circumstances and cut down in his prime. One of Wilson’s “Pittsburgh Cycle” of ten plays depicting the African American experience in each of the 20th Century’s decades.

Material to Prepare:

Audition will consist of sides that will be emailed upon request. Please bring headshot/resume with you to the audition.

Time Commitment:

Rehearsals begin in early September, sometime after Labor Day.
Show Runs October 18th 2024- December 1st 2024

Character Type/Restrictions:

Searching for: Actors, Ages 20-60 . African American Male Presenting/Female Presenting/Non-Binary/Gender Nonconforming.

Cast of Characters:

FLOYD: African American Mid 20s-30s

Floyd “Schoolboy” Barton, a down on his luck blues musician. Had 1 hit record, but squandered the money from it. After being jailed for vagrancy, and spending 90 days in the workhouse, he hopes to return to Chicago & rekindle his music career.

VERA: African American Mid 20s-30s

Formerly romantically attached to Floyd. Floyd cheated on Vera in the past, causing her to mistrust him—and probably any other man. But that doesn’t stop Floyd from trying to rekindle their relationship.

RED CARTER: African American Mid 20s-30s

Laid-back, unassuming. He is the drummer in Floyd’s band. One of Floyd’s closest friends.

CANEWELL: African American Mid 20s-30s

Edgy, quick tempered. He is a harmonica player. May have courted Vera, if not for Floyd dating her first. He’s tired of playing second fiddle to Floyd, so to speak.

HEDLEY: African American 40s-60s

A Caribbean immigrant who rents a room from Vera. He raises chickens in the yard. He believes in spirits, and ghosts.

RUBY: African American Early 20s

Louise’s niece in town from Alabama. Pregnant, not showing. Her boyfriend back home killed her would-be lover.

LOUISE: African American 40s-60s

No nonsense, a smoker, plays Bid Whist with the guys and enjoys life’s simple pleasures. Louise sings bawdy blues songs in a way only recognized by those who know what they’re hearing, and it’s quite fun.

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