Pay Rate: Rehearsal Stipend Plus $30 Per Performance
Audition Date and Time: Online Submission
Audition Location: Online Submission
Contact Person Name: Citadel Theatre

Citadel Theatre is requesting auditions for an Outdoor Production of Winnie The Pooh, an original play with music by Mark Adamczyk.

July 21-24

Rehearsals begin early late June

Please submit a short comedic monologue and a brief upbeat song. Scene should demonstrate versatility and song should show vocal range. SUBMIT NO LATER THAN 5/18.

As the play is still being written, characters may include:

Pooh – a befuddled bear who is a talented poet, and he frequently punctuated his conversations with by poems and “hums”. He is humble about his slow-wittedness, but comfortable with his creative gifts. Make or female.

Christopher Robin – a five year old and the only human character in the play. He has a “cheerful” and compassionate personality and is someone whom Pooh and the others look up to. Despite being a child, he is much wiser and more mature than many of the other characters. Pooh considers both Christopher Robin and Piglet to be his best friends. Male.

Piglet- a frenetic pig and Pooh’s best friend besides Christopher Robin. In the books, he often takes his lead from Pooh unless overcome by fear which occurs more often than not. But increasingly through the stories he shows himself to be very brave when faced with a crisis and given sufficient encouragement.  Male or female.

Tigger – is Pooh’s happy, less-than-responsible and a sometimes troublemaking tiger friend. He bounces around, especially bouncing on others. He is full of energy, outgoing, and likes to have fun and is so overconfident that he thinks that any task is “what tiggers do best”.  Male or female.

Rabbit – is friendly, yet capable of being impatient and irritable. He fancies himself the smartest animal in the Hundred Acre Wood, since he is not scatterbrained like Tigger. He insists on doing things his way and is obsessed with rules, planning and order. He often bosses others around, but deep down, he cares a lot about his friends. Male or female.

Eeyore – is Pooh’s ever-glum, pessimistic and sarcastic donkey friend who has trouble keeping his tail attached to his bottom, since the nail keeps falling out. Eeyore has a house made of sticks, which falls apart and has to be rebuilt with the help of his friends in the 100 Aker Wood. Male or female.

Kanga – is a female kangaroo and the doting mother of Roo. She is kind-hearted, calm, patient and docile. She likes to keep things clean and organized, and offers motherly advice and food to anyone who asks her. She is protective over Roo, almost obsessively, and treats him with kind words and gentle discipline. She also has a wicked sense of humor. Female.

Roo – is Kanga’s cheerful, playful, energetic child, who moved to the Hundred Acre Wood with her. His best friend is Tigger. He is the youngest of the Pooh characters. Too is naive, impressionable and full of fun. He falls in and out of an Australian accent. Male or female.

Owl – is the stuffy and talkative eldest main character who presents himself as a mentor and teacher to the others. Owl speaks with a refined English accent. Owl and most of his friends believe that he is the most intelligent animal in the wood, but he is really quite scatterbrained. He often rambles on into long-winded speeches and uses words that his friends do not understand. Though Owl likes to present himself as very knowledgeable, like most of the other characters he does not spell very well; he even spells his own name “Wol”.  Male or female.

To apply for this job email your details to auditions@citadeltheatre.org