Pay Rate: TBD
Audition Date and Time: December 4th, 2019 7PM
Audition Location: 300 S. Waukegan Road, Lake Forest, IL
Contact Person Email: auditions@citadeltheatre.org
Contact Person Name: Jocelyn Colao

Understudy Auditions

-Date: Wed, Dec. 4 Citadel Theatre, 300 S. Waukegan Rd., Lake Forest, IL—— 7:00pm
-Info about production–Opens Feb. 7 -March 8. Thursdays through Sunday performances
-Rehearsals: 5 rehearsals in December with more regular rehearsals starting Jan. 6. Flexibility given to understudies.
-There is a stipend and performance pay.
-TWO PERFORMANCES guaranteed if desires.

Characters needed for understudies–El Gallo, Bellomy, Hucklebee, Henry, Mortimer

Character Description List:

El Gallo (Male, High Baritone, 30-45)As the narrator of the piece, he is the liaison between the audience and the action onstage. He is warm, cordial, and inviting to the audience, yet with darker moments. His attitude toward the rest of the cast reveals a decidedly mysterious side. Above all he is grand and must command attention.

Hucklebee and Bellomy (Males, Baritone,45-60) Blustery and Boisterous. Duo and team. Strong comedic timing a must. Fathers of Matt and Luisa. Always arguing and bickering, but secretly plotting together for the marriage of their children.

Henry and Mortimer (Males, 30-60) Foolish comic actors who move the action while not seeming to contribute anything of substance. As performers their day has long past. Henry can play grand characters and recite Shakespeare, but with very little success these days. Mortimer’s specialty is dying on stage in the manner of great adventures and melodramas. Henry and Mortimer function as a unit and rarely appear apart from each other. They are entirely theatrical and theirs is the world of the stage.

To sign up for an audition, email auditions@citadeltheatre.org. Sides and songs will be sent once audition sign up is complete.

To apply for this job email your details to auditions@citadeltheatre.org