Pay Rate: Non-Equity $150.00 for Rehearsal Process $30 Per Show.
Audition Date and Time: virtual
Audition Location: virtual
Contact Person Name: Ellen Phelps

Citadel Theatre would like to announce auditions for the 2022-2023 Season.

A virtual submission audition will be open for general, non-equity actors from June 13-July31

Please submit a single email containing video audition, resume, headshot, and audition form to auditions@citadeltheatre.org.

download form at www.citadeltheatre.org/auditions

All submissions will be considered for all productions. Citadel Theatre’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Citadel Theatre is committed to diversity and engages in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Citadel Theatre encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

Please prepare a 1 minute, preferably comedic, contemporary monologue that lets us glimpse some of the uniqueness of you. For AIRNESS, also please prepare 30-60 second clip of you playing air guitar to music of your choice. The rules and judging criteria are included for your reference.

US Air Guitar obeys the rules set forth by the Air Guitar World Championships:

• Each performance is played to one minute (sixty seconds) of a song.

• The sixty seconds can start anywhere in the song.

• The instrument must be invisible and be a guitar.

Judging Criteria

• Technical merit – You don’t have to know what notes you’re playing, but the more your invisible fretwork corresponds to the music that’s playing, the better the performance.

• Stage presence – Anyone can do it in the privacy of their bedroom. Few have what it takes to rock a crowd of hundreds or even thousands— all without an instrument.

• “Airness” – The last criteria is the most difficult to define yet often the most decisive of all. Airness is defined as the extent to which a performance transcends the imitation of a real guitar and becomes an art form in and of itself.

It Runs in the Family by Ray Cooney

Directed by Pat Murphy

Rehearsals begin 10/17/2022

Run 11/18/2022-12/18/2022

Plot Description

Written by Ray Cooney, Britain’s master farceur. Set in a hospital, It Runs in the Family contains the usual assortment or farcical nuts running in and out of doors, mistaking everybody for someone else. Dr. Mortimer tries to fend off a paternity suit, an ex-wife, a punkish son, and various other lunatics so that he may, at last, deliver the Ponsonby Lecture in an international conference.

“My glasses steamed up with laughter…. “-Sunday Times, London

As in every good farce…the location becomes a madhouse filled with an epidemic of unbridled lunacy.”—London Financial Times

Characters—All have British accents

Dr. David Mortimore—Early 50/s, charming and slightly pompous.

Dr. Mike Connolly—Late 20’s, exuberant young doctor who like to play dress-up.

Rosemary Mortimore—Dr. Mortimore’s wife. An attractive woman a little younger than her husband.

Dr. Hubert Bonney—described as, “…an insignificant but enthusiastic man in his early 50’s. Colleague and reticent conspirator of Dr. Mortimer’s.

Matron—Bossy, oh-so-busy nurse who likes to throw her significant weight round.

Sir Willoughby Drake—Stern, elderly gentleman/ Head of the Board of Governors and Past Head Surgeon of St. Andrew’s. Very impatient and bossy.

Jane Tate—About 40, pretty and cuddly. Former nurse at St. Andrew’s. Has a long held secret to share.

Sister—helper at the hospital. Efficient and obedient.

Leslie (18 year old male)—Slightly lower class British, wears jeans, a denim or black jacket with chains and sports a multi-colored punk hairstyle.

Police Sergeant—Middle aged man wearing a Police Sergeant’s uniform. Official British policeman.

Bill-an older gentleman, dirty old man type in a wheelchair. Keeps interfering with everyone.

Dr. Bonney’s Mother—Older lady about 80, small but energetic.

The Christians by Lucas Hnath

Directed by Scott Westerman

Rehearsals begin 01/12/2023

Run 02/10/2023-03/12/2023

Synopsis: Twenty years ago, Pastor Paul’s church was nothing more than a modest storefront. Now he presides over a congregation of thousands, with classrooms for Sunday School, a coffee shop in the lobby, and a baptismal font as big as a swimming pool. Today should be a day of celebration. But Paul is about to preach a sermon that will shake the foundations of his church’s belief. A big-little play about faith in America— and the trouble with changing your mind.


Paul, a PASTOR: 50’s, male presenting. Charismatic leader of a megachurch.

his WIFE, Elizabeth: 50’s, female presenting. An important leader of the church, has been by Paul’s side a long time.

the ASSOCIATE Pastor, Joshua: 30’s, male presenting. Fiery associate pastor of the church. Has been good for the congregation.

a church ELDER named Jay: 60’s, male presenting. Collegial, a long-time friend of Paul’s; the diplomat, trying his best to make all parties happy.

a CONGREGANT named Jenny or Jennifer or Jenn: 30’s, female presenting. Single mother barely making ends meet. Devoted congregant of the church who has a lot of questions about the direction Paul is taking the church

Airness by Chelsea Marcantel

Rehearsals begin 03/20/2023

Run 04/21/2023-05/21/2023


When Nina enters her first air guitar competition, she thinks winning will be easy. But as she befriends a group of charismatic nerds all committed to becoming the next champion, she discovers that there’s more to this art form than playing pretend; it’s about finding yourself in your favorite songs, and performing with raw joy. Will Nina be able to let go and set herself free onstage? Following her mission to shred or be shredded, Airness is an exuberant reminder that everything we need to rock is already inside us. A comedy about competition, completion, and finding the airness inside yourself.

Character Breakdown (Name then “Persona”: pillar of air guitar that their character represents – description)

Gabe “Golden Thunder” Partridge: originality – 20-30s, actor of color, male identifying – Golden Thunder uses air guitar to make the world better. From Montana. “One never understands airness, one achieves airness.”

Mark “Facebender” Lender: feeling – White, male identifying, a little older than the rest of the group. Facebender uses air guitar to convey his deepest emotions. From San Diego. Bit New Age, a bit Don Quixote. “Everything we need to rock, is already inside us.”

Astrid “Cannibal Queen” Anderson: technical ability – 20-30s, any race, female identifying. Cannibal Queen is the most technically skilled and constantly has to prove herself. “But when I get onstage, sister, I can put that shield down and let all my darkness come rushing out.”

Nina “The Nina” O’Neal: airness – 20-30s, any race, female identifying. Learning the world of air guitar (and how different it is from her band). Trained rock musician but out of her element and trying to find her way in this new community.

David “D Vicious” Cooper: charisma/stage presence – 20-30s, male idenifying, any race. Has the ability to make the crowd love him, then hate him, then love him again, in 60 seconds; “You can only do something for the love of it up to a certain level, you know? After a while, the things you’ve paid into need to start paying you back.”

Ed “Shreddy Eddy” Leary: artistic merit- 20-30s, male identifying, any race. Devoted to the craft and history of the artistry. From Chicago. Coaches Nina. “You are the music and the music is you.”

Announcer/Sprite Exec/Hooded Figure: played by the same actor, any race/gender; variously air guitar fan, cold corporate persona, Hooded (in a hoody) Figure

For Junior Claus, please prepare a 60 sec comedic monologue, and a 16-bar cut of an up-tempo music theatre song.

Junior Claus

Book and lyrics by Christopher Dimond. Music by Michael Kooman.

Directed by Gregg Dennhardt

Rehearsals start November 20th. Rehearse Sunday Monday Wednesday

Performances 12/20,12/21,12/22,12/23,12/24,12/27,12/28,12/29, 12/30. 10:00am and 1:00pm.


Junior Claus is the only son of Santa and Mrs. Claus. Like many teenagers, Junior is reluctant to take over the family business. Unsure of himself, Junior puts more faith in his technological inventions than in good old-fashioned Christmas magic, much to the chagrin of his father. But, when a sudden drop in Christmas spirit renders Santa incapable of making the great ride, Junior must take the reins. Meanwhile, a scheming, miserly elf takes advantage of Santa’s absence as he plots to turn the workshop into a for-profit enterprise. Together with his overly cheery elf best friend, a gregarious penguin and a host of colorful characters, Junior must learn the true meaning of Christmas in time to save the day. With a tuneful score, a flexible cast of beloved Christmas characters old and new and a Pixar-esque tone, Junior Claus is a comedic holiday adventure for the whole family.


JUNIOR CLAUS: The son of Santa. Like most teenagers, he is a little unhappy with the family business.

SANTA CLAUS: A jolly old soul, but slightly frustrated with his son’s lack of interest in Christmas.

CHIPPER: A bright, cheery elf.

GRUMPO: A greedy, miserly elf.

MRS. CLAUS: Santa’s caring wife who is stern but loving.

PENGY: A talkative talking penguin.

DASHER: A reindeer.

TAYLOR: A young girl (or boy).

BRUNHILDE: A less-than-intelligent elf duped into Grumpo’s services.

ELVES: A little irritating.

REFLECTION: Played by Santa, appears in Junior’s dream.


To apply for this job email your details to auditions@citadeltheatre.org