2024-25 Season Generals

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Website Citadel Theatre

A Non-Profit, Professional Theatre located in Lake Forest, IL

Pay Rate: $150.00 rehearsal stipend; $30/show.
Audition Date and Time: Saturday, June 15th: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM (3 minute audition slots)
Audition Location: Citadel Theatre: 300 S Waukegan Rd. Lake Forest, IL 60045
Contact Person Email: auditions@citadeltheatre.org

SEEKING: Non-Equity actors for all roles in Citadel Theatre’s 2024-25 Season.

Citadel Theatre is committed to welcoming artists of broadly diverse backgrounds. Actors of all ethnicities, gender identities, ages, and disabilities are strongly encouraged to audition for all roles.

$150 rehearsal stipend; $30/show

Citadel Theatre’s 2024-25 Season:

The Cottage
Sep. 14 – Oct. 13, 2024
1st Rehearsal: Aug. 12, 2024
Written by Sandy Rustin
Directed by Jack Hickey
Callbacks: June 29, 2024

Show Description: Straight from Broadway, first time in Illinois, this recent hit directed by Jason Alexander starring Eric McCormick (Will and Grace) is a brand-new, side splitting romp. This outrageous tale of sex, betrayal, and desire is one woman’s attempt to expose her latest affair to both her husband-and to her lover’s wife. Surprising and hilarious web of secrets unravels in this ridiculously funny romantic comedy.

Character Breakdown:
Looking for an ensemble of SIX Actors comfortable with physicality. Excellent British RP dialect, with pace, diction and comedic abilities

Age Range: Late 20s to Early 40s

  • Sylvia – a lovely and rash romantic
  • Beau – perhaps the best looking man in Britain
  • Marjorie – 8 months pregnant, pragmatic and a tad spicy
  • Clarke – a distinguished gent with a lover’s spirit
  • Dierdre – an awfully pretty, sometimes wise, nincompoop
  • Richard – a murderous, yet gentle soul

Please prepare a 1-2 minute comedic or romantic monologue in a British RP dialect

Dames at Sea
Nov. 15 – Dec. 15, 2024
1st Rehearsal: Oct. 6, 2024
Book & Lyrics by George Haimsohn
Music by Jim Wise
Directed by Gregg Dennhardt
Callbacks: Aug. 3, 2024

Show Description: Musical Parody of large, flashy 1930’s Busby Berkeley-style musical in which a chorus girl, newly arrived off the bus from the Midwest to New York City steps into a role on broadway and becomes a star. Bernadette Peters played the role of Ruby when it debuted in 1966. And she later toured the role at the Academy Playhouse in Lake Forest.

Character Breakdown:
Seeking: Actors of any gender, age, race and ability to play the roles in Dames at Sea.

  • Ruby – (Character age: 18 – 20s) A naive young girl from the Midwest who comes to New York to become a Broadway star. As with her namesake, Ruby Keeler, she is a superb tap dancer. Soprano.
  • Dick – (Character age: 18 – 25) Ruby’s boyfriend also from the Midwest and a sailor. Also a would-be songwriter and librettist he, like Ruby, is looking to get his first big-break.  A tenor and tapper.
  • Joan – (Character age: 20 – 25) The lead chorine. Sassy and brassy, she is outspoken but with a heart of gold, she becomes Ruby’s best friend. Belter soprano. Tapper.
  • Lucky – (Character age: 20 – 25) Also a sailor and Dick’s best friend. Joan’s on-and-off (but mostly on) boyfriend. A New York City street tough who, like Joan, is mouthy but genuine. Baritone. A good tapper.
  • Mona Kent – (Character age: 40s) A big Broadway star and the show-within-a-show’s leading lady. Affected British stage accent. A man-killer. Beautiful and snobbish. Soprano. Tap dancer.
  • Hennessey – (Character Age: 40s) The epitome of the nervous, pessimistic and hard-driving stage director. With twelve flops in a row he’s looking to make a comeback. Baritone. Tap dancer. Understudy The Captain
  • The Captain – (Character Age: Late 40s) Commanding the USS New York, he’s Dick and Lucky’s superior. From the Deep South, he once had a fling with Mona Kent when they were both younger. Lyric baritone. Like everyone else in the cast he taps.
  • The Chorines – (Character Age: 20s to 30s) Chorus girls who are the heat of any show. Accomplished in a variety of musical comedy dance styles. Sopranos and altos. Pert and pretty. Understudy the Principles
  • Male Swing – Understudies Dick and Lucky

Looking for Tap dancers and roller skaters. Please prepare a light monologue and 16 bars of song, preferably from Dames at Sea (not to exceed 3 minutes)

I and You
Feb. 21 – Mar. 23, 2025
1st Rehearsal: Jan. 20, 2025
Written by Lauren Gunderson
Directed by Scott Shallenbarger

Show Description: This extraordinary touching story is written by the same playwright who brought us Silent Sky this last season. Charming, mysterious, and poetic in the truest sense of the word. Lauren Gunderson’s I and You is a study of the beauty, the agony, and the mystery of the human connection.

Character Breakdown:

  • Anthony – (Character Age: 17) African-American, a serious-minded student who is an all around nice guy
  • Caroline – (Character Age: 17) White, cynical, and does not let a stray feeling near the surface

A Jukebox for the Algonquin
Apr. 18 – May. 18, 2025
1st Rehearsal: Mar. 17 or Mar. 24, 2025
Written by Paul Stroili
Directed by Scott Westerman

Show Description: A Chicago Theatre premiere! All the residents of Placid Pines Senior Care Center want is a jukebox, but that simple request leads to a side-splitting, roller-coaster journey.

Character Breakdown:

  • Mrs. McDarren – Female (dual role/same actor also plays Peg)
  • Annie – Female, Age: 65+, White
  • Josefina (ho-seh-fee-na) – Female, Age: 40s to 50s, of Hispanic and Italian descent
  • Dennis – Male, Age: 65+, (any ethnicity)
  • Johnny – Male, Age: 65+, African American
  • Chuck – Male, Age: 40s to 50s, (any ethnicity)
  • Peg – Female, Age: mid to late 50s, (dual role/same actor also plays Mrs. McDarren – (any ethnicity))
  • Tyler – Male, Age: early 20s, (any ethnicity)

Audition Information:

Auditions are in 3-minute time slots from 10:00am – 6:00 pm on Saturday, June 15th. Sign up for an audition time here: https://signup.com/go/vjMqoQt

Please bring your headshot and resume

Material to Prepare:

The audition should not exceed 3 minutes. If auditioning for all 4 shows, prepare a 16-bar cut of a song and a monologue.

If you are not auditioning for the Musical (Dames at Sea), please prepare 1 comedic or romantic monologue (If auditioning for The Cottage, please prepare a 1-2 min comedic or romantic monologue in a British RP dialect).

To apply for this job please visit signup.com.