Pay Rate: AEA CAT Tier 5: $816/wk minimum; NON-AEA $600 minimum
Contact Person Name: Bob Mason and Alexis Taylor

IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE: A New Musical in Thrilling 3-D!

Based on the Universal film, story by Ray Bradbury

Producer: Chicago Shakespeare Theater

Director: Laura Braza

Book and Music by Joe Kinosian

Lyrics and Music by Kellen Blair

Material to Prepare:

Please send in a tape of one comic character song of your choice (32 bars) with accompaniment. Please tape in three-quarter view and use a platform such as vimeo or youtube, not something like wetransfer which needs to be downloaded. Please attach h/r in one pdf. Please send to castingoffice@chicagoshakes.com by 11/30/21. If you have been in a previous musical production with CST, you may send in a just a PDF of your h/r.

Time Commitment:

Contract begins: 5/23/22
First preview: 6/22/22
Opens: 6/30/22
Closes: as late as 8/14/22

Character Type/Restrictions:

All roles open to all races, ethnicities.

ACTOR 1 -Female

Ellen Fields ​(late 20’s); Female. Despite her outward appearance as the beautiful and charming girl-next-door found in most 50’s films, Ellen has a strength and an edge that breaks the mold on several occasions.

ACTOR 2--Female or Gender Non-Conforming

·         Maizie​ (elderly); a sweet old woman, often found gossiping or offering neighbors some of her world famous peanut brittle.

·         Thalgorian-X​; the mighty warrior of the alien race.

·         Smitty​ (middle-aged); a bartender.

·         Alien-Jane​; an alien in disguise.

ACTOR 3 –Female or Gender Non-Conforming

·         ​Heckie ​(40’s, male); a smarmy small-town reporter.

·         ​Grommulex​; the leader of the alien race.

·         ​Busybody ​(elderly); a passing busybody.

ACTOR 6-- Male or Gender Non-Conforming

Borney ​(30’s); a small-town deputy; the Arizona version of Barney Fife from The Andy Griffith show.

·         Frank​ (elderly); sometimes prone to poetic streams of consciousness, Frank has been Sand Rock’s repairman for as long as anyone can remember.

·         Coral​ (middle-aged, female); a chain-smoking barfly.

·         ​Alien-Jimmy​; an alien in disguise.

·         ​Little Borney​; a tiny alien with some familiar characteristics.