Pay Rate: Stipend
Audition Date and Time: December 7, 2019: 10 am - 3 pm
Audition Location: The Den Theatre, 1331 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL 60622
Contact Person Email: brokennosetheatre@gmail.com
Contact Person Name: Julia Skeggs, Casting Director

Broken Nose Theatre is currently seeking ensemble and understudies for roles in THIS IS ONLY A TEST, by Eric Reyes Loo. The production will be directed by Toma Langston. Please note, all understudies have a guaranteed performance.

TW: This production contains use of gun shot sound effects, prop firearms and hand to hand combat. Content contains strong language, heavy discussion and simulation of high school lockdowns and drills. A fight director will be on staff for this production. Please read the play in its entirety before accepting an audition or role. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Nowadays, it could happen anywhere, at any time, and the faculty at Washington High have decided to take “being prepared” to a whole new level: through a series of Active Shooter Drills, their students will be trained on how to fight back. But as they’re asked to quell violence by responding violently, four teenagers begin to wonder: if we’re so prepared, why do we feel even more unsafe?

Material to Prepare:

Sides will be sent out with audition confirmation.

Time Commitment:

First Rehearsal: Monday March 23rd
Tech Week: April 27th through May 2nd
Previews: May 1st and 2nd
Soft Open: May 3rd
Press Open: May 4th
Understudy Night: May 27th
Closing: May 30th

Character Type/Restrictions:

Kramer, he/him, open ethnicity, a high school junior. He thinks he’s a star. Involves intimacy.

Selma, she/her, POC, a high school junior. She thinks she’s a loner.

Wynn, he/him,  African-American, a high school senior. He thinks he’s a winner. Involves intimacy.

MAN, he/him, open ethnicity, 35+ y/o, plays Safety Consultant, Police Officer, Selma’s Stepdad, Kramer’s Dad, Lenore’s Dad

WOMAN, she/her (CAST, looking for understudy only), open ethnicity, 35+ y/o, plays Principal, Selma’s Mom, Kramer’s Mom, Lenore’s Mom, Wynn’s Mom and “The Shooter”

*Broken Nose Theatre prides itself on being a part of the Chicago Storefront initiative to create truly inclusive work and opportunity for all artists. We acknowledge that many roles we list fall on the gender binary, but invite transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary performers to read for the roles, cisgender or otherwise, they most identify with. We encourage actors of all types, backgrounds, gender, ability to audition. Unless a role specifies in the script, we will keep characters open to all backgrounds.

To apply for this job email your details to brokennosetheatre@gmail.com