Pay Rate: Stipend
Audition Date and Time: April 4th at 5 pm
Audition Location: Links to Youtube Video Submission
Contact Person Email: brokennosetheatre@gmail.com
Contact Person Name: Julia Skeggs, Casting Director

Broken Nose Theatre is currently seeking ensemble and understudies for roles in FRIENDS WITH GUNS, by Stephanie Walker. The production will be directed by Georgette Verdin. Please note, all understudies have a guaranteed performance.

This new dark comedy explores the complicated issue of gun proliferation when two young liberal couples are forced to confront their assumptions about who should own a gun and why. The time of easy answers regarding this issue is long gone.

Material to Prepare:

Submit your headshot and resume to receive sides. Prepare 2 sides and send as a Youtube Link to casting by Saturday, April 4th at 5 pm.

Time Commitment:

Venue: The Den Theatre
PLEASE NOTE: all dates are still tentative, we are waiting on final confirmation from The Den:
First Rehearsal: Monday July 13th
Tech Week: August 24th through August 27th
Previews: August 28th and 29th
Soft Open: August 30th
Press Open: August 31st
Understudy Night: September 23rd
Closing: September 26th

Character Type/Restrictions:

LEAH (SEEKING MAIN CAST AND UNDERSTUDY) she/her, mid to late 30’s, POC

Wicked smart hippie/boho/punk mom to 3-year-old twins and a newborn who surfs and does yoga, is a self-proclaimed mathlete and is handy with a table saw and knitting needles. She seems to know the secrets of the universe. She is an empath and a connector. She's a deep eye contact kind of woman who really sees you and doesn't judge. Truly.

SHANNON (UNDERSTUDY ONLY), she/her, mid to late 30’s, White

Stressed out mom to two young boys (2 & 5.) Suffers from anxiety of the 'everything-needs-to-be-perfect-and-especially-I-need-to-be-perfect variety. She has a lot of fear that stops her in life. Wouldn't even know how to be begin to re-claim her power though she wants to. She's a great mom, but shackled by the expectations of what a "great mom" should be. So though she is one, she never feels like it. Realtor. Married to Josh.

JOSH (UNDERSTUDY ONLY), he/him, mid to late 30’s, White

Married to Shannon. Father to their two boys. Is the main bread winner. Works a decent but boring job (Data scientist at Hulu.) Has a great sense of humor. Is pretty self-aware, for the most part. Fancies himself a feminist. Knows deep down that he has an unhealthy relationship with his smart phone but would never admit that to his wife. Everybody loves Josh.

DANNY (UNDERSTUDY ONLY), he/him, mid to late 30’s, POC

Leah's husband, Dad to twins and a newborn. Loves being a dad. Often can be found with the newborn Bjorned to his body. Exudes a laid-back coolness that is ingrained in his DNA. This man was just born that way. He is a former shortstop for the Toronto Blue Jays. Distills his own whiskey. Owns his own printing press. And can really rock a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He is cool and it comes easy. He is not trying, NOT ever trying to be cool. He just is. Some people might wrongly assume he's a hipster. He's not a hipster. Don't ever call him that. He's pre-hipster. He's DANNY.

*Broken Nose Theatre prides itself on being a part of the Chicago Storefront initiative to create truly inclusive work and opportunity for all artists. We acknowledge that many roles we list fall on the gender binary, but invite transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary performers to read for the roles, cisgender or otherwise, they most identify with. We encourage actors of all types, backgrounds, gender, ability to audition. Unless a role specifies in the script, we will keep characters open to all backgrounds.

To apply for this job email your details to brokennosetheatre@gmail.com