Legally Blonde and Little Shop of Horrors

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Pay Rate: Ensemble: $600 for rehearsals + run of show. Supporting/Principal Actors: Rates vary depending on role. Travel stipend also added.
Audition Location: Music Theater Works in Wilmette
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We are so excited to start auditions for our final two shows of the 2024 season, Little Shop of Horrors and Legally Blonde!

In-person callbacks and invited auditions will be held throughout June and July, and we will send out more information with your invitation to callbacks. If you cannot make these times work, we will find another available time for you to come in! If you are chosen for an in-person callback or invited audition, you will be sent a link to sign up for a time slot, along with further information and side information. Please allow us ample time to send out our invitations due to an influx of responses.

Note: We are seeking actors with full availability to our production schedule and will not accept conflicts with technical rehearsals or performances.  Please consider dates before submitting.

Please submit your audition using this link. Deadline for all submissions is June 10th. For any questions, please contact:

Little Shop of Horrors Production Team:

  • Director: Kyle Dougan
  • Choreographer: Reneisha Jenkins
  • Music Director: Linda Madonia

Legally Blonde Production Team:

  • Director: Sasha Gerritson
  • Choreographer: Mollyanne Nunn
  • Music Director: Michael McBride

Casting Authority – Producing Artistic Director: Kyle Dougan


Music Theater Works acknowledges and supports redefining the traditional conventions of auditioning, casting, rehearsing and performing for live theater. To this end, it is our policy to include and engage with diverse thinking and actions in all aspects of the casting process including, but not limited to: gender, gender identity, ethnicity, ability, age, body type and sexual orientation.

As members of the performing arts community, we all have a role in creating stories that reflect the diversity of the world in which we live. Music Theater Works is working hard to provide the best and most supportive environment practices as we build a community that seeks to humanize and provide access for all.

Material to Prepare:

The video should be of you singing a 45-60 second cut of a musical theatre piece in the style of the show and if you have a dance reel or special skill reel, please include it as well.

Time Commitment:

Little Shop Of Horrors: First Rehearsal - Sept 5th, Tech - Oct 16th-24th, Shows - Oct 17th-Nov 17th

Legally Blonde: First Rehearsal - Nov 4th, Tech - Dec 11th-17th, Shows - Dec 18th-29th

Character Type/Restrictions:

The genders of the roles are outlined as the characters gender that does not mean we are limiting our casting focuses to those gender identities.

Little Shop of Horrors

Seymour Krelborn: A menial laborer at Mushnik’s Flower Shop, Seymour Krelborn is the improbable hero of the story. Nebbish-like and insecure, he is naive and feels much put-upon. In spite of his flaws, he’s a sweet and well-meaning little man. Seymour is the owner of the carnivorous plant, Audrey II. Vocal range top: G4 Vocal range bottom: A2

Audrey: The gum-snapping, bleached-blond secret love of Seymour’s life, Audrey works with Seymour at the flower shop. Lacking in education and self-esteem, she suffers from feelings of hopelessness at her situation in life, including her abusive relationship with her boyfriend, Orin Scrivello. Seymour names his plant after her. Vocal range top: D5 Vocal range bottom: G#3

Mr. Mushnik: Owner of Mushnik’s Flower Shop, a failing business on Skid Row, Mr. Mushnik is given to cursing in Yiddish. He is a man who seldom smiles and often yells. Vocal range top: F4 Vocal range bottom: G2

Orin Scrivello: Audrey’s dentist boyfriend, Orin Scrivello is a motorcycle-riding black leather jacket-wearing tough-guy. He is tall, dark, handsome, and sadistic. His fondness for his own nitrous oxide proves to be his undoing. Vocal range top: G4 Vocal range bottom: G2

Audrey II: A wise-cracking anthropomorphic cross between a Venus flytrap and an avocado with teeth, Audrey II is Seymour’s favorite and soon-famous plant. Seymour purchased the plant at Chang’s Flower Shop during a mysterious total eclipse of the sun; but once the plant has the taste of human blood there is no stopping it. Vocal range top: G4 Vocal range bottom: G2

Crystal, Ronette, and Chiffon: Three female street urchins who function as participants in the action and as “doo-wop” greek chorus outside it, Crystal, Ronette, and Chiffon often sing directly to the audience in a narrative style. They have a secret. (All three) Vocal range top: F5 Vocal range bottom: Ab3

Legally Blonde

Elle Woods: The quintessential Valley Girl who follows her ex-boyfriend to Harvard Law School and realizes that she has more to offer than just a pretty face and a bubbly personality. Vocal range top: F5 Vocal range bottom: F#3

Warner Huntington III: A good-looking but shallow and pompous guy who breaks Elle's heart and heads off to Harvard Law. Vocal range top: G#4 Vocal range bottom: A2

Emmett Forrest: A smart and sensitive law student who takes Elle under his wing. He is charming, quirky, loveable, and friendly. Vocal range top: A4 Vocal range bottom: A2

Vivienne Kensington: A smart, savvy, and uptight law student and Warner's fiance who initially dismisses Elle, but grows to be her friend. Vocal range top: Ab5 Vocal range bottom: A3

Brooke Wyndam: An exercise video mogul who is also a former sorority girl. She is energetic and charismatic, yet currently on trial for murder. Vocal range top: G5 Vocal range bottom: A3

Professor Callahan: A pompous, sleazy and manipulative law professor at Harvard who is highly successful, but completely immoral. Age: 45 to 55 Vocal range top: F#4 Vocal range bottom: A2

Paulette Buonufonte: A brash, caring, optimistic hair stylist who is friends with Elle and longs to find a man for herself. Vocal range top: A5 Vocal range bottom: G3

Ensemble and smaller roles - Dance Experience Needed