The Singularity Play

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We create work that expands the definition of American identity.

Pay Rate: $850 Stipend for Principal actors, $500 stipend for understudies
Audition Date and Time: Self-tape submissions due by 5pm February 5. In-person callbacks will be held 2/24 and 2/26.
Audition Location: Callbacks will be held at Loyola Park Fieldhouse— 1230 W Greenleaf Ave
Contact Person Email:
Contact Person Name: Lucy Carapetyan— Casting Director

We are seeking self-tape submissions for Jackalope’s Spring production of The Singularity Play, to be produced at the Berger Park Coach House, 6205 N Sheridan Rd.

Production information and a script with sides marked can be viewed at

We are looking at the same sides (pp 48-52) for everyone for the first round, you can choose which role you’d like to read.

Audition form and video submissions to be submitted here:

Material to Prepare:

You may choose to read either Greg or Lauren, pages 48-52. Please have an offscreen reader read with you.

Time Commitment:

Rehearsals 5-6 days/week, evenings and weekends 4/2-5/17. Performances Thursday-Sunday 5/18-6/22, with Monday performances 6/10 and 6/17.

Character Type/Restrictions:

DENISE - an AI playwright who has written a play called “The Uncanny Valley.” Denise is embodied in the second and third acts, but is merely a voice from a plastic “Alexa-like” device in the first act; also DENNIS
DENNIS - a future AI that animates a human body; a playwright

GREG - a straight, computer scientist at Google who has never really liked the theater; also SALEM
SALEM - a future, cyborg performer wary of in-world trends and anxious about disembodiment

LAUREN - an overworked, underpaid director of new plays; also HOLLIS
HOLLIS - a future, cyborg performer enjoying the surprises that come with embodiment.

HEIDI - a polite, new play actor, familiar with development rooms; also EMILY, also JULES
EMILY - a character in Denise’s play “The Uncanny Valley”
JULES - a future, cyborg performer whose wetware cannot regulate their grief

ALICE - an actor who probably should just be a director already; also ROYAL
ROYAL - a future, cyborg performer who loathes embodiment and has embraced an in-world life

JASON - an actor who’s expecting his first child; also QUINN
QUINN - a future, cyborg performer; a man-splainer in a post-gender world

HENRY - an actor who sees simulacra as forms of control; also FINLEY
FINLEY - a future, cyborg performer experimenting with embodied attraction

OCEAN - a future, cyborg director who practices in the old arts

SKYLER - a future AI who serves as a disembodied stage manager (voice only)

DAWN - a future human performer from Idaho. Female, 50s+

A note on casting: This play anticipates a future where the social construct of gender is obsolete. As such, gender should be a pliable thing for all performers. Generally everyone is mid 20s-40s, except DAWN, who should be in her 50s or older.

To apply for this job please visit