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Pay Rate: Actors will receive a $100 rehearsal stipend, and $40+ stipend per show, dependent on distance traveled and number of performances.
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Contact Person Name: Valerie deGroot


Improv Playhouse is accepting submissions to act in our Fall 2024 TYA Touring Productions! Improv Playhouse has toured the Midwest, bringing educational, exciting, and engaging theater performance to camps, schools, and libraries for almost 10 years! Join us for our Fall 2024 tours as we travel far and wide with our expanding roster of plays and musicals, bound to educate and excite children of all ages!


The Little Prince

Revisit the whimsical, imaginative tale of a Prince from Outer Space, an Aviator stranded in a desert, and their emotional and everlasting bond. A beautifully theatrical exploration of love, loss, empathy, memory, and self-fulfillment, this story reminds us that, though there are many things that adults can teach children, there are quite a few more things that children may teach adults. So… what do YOU see: a Hat or an Elephant Eaten by a Snake?

Hansel and Gretel 

The muffin man, evil witches, and big bad wolves? Oh my! A warm, farcical, and lighthearted take on the age old fairy tale! A brother and sister journey through the mysterious woods. This is going to be a development piece, working off of our existing script. Actors/writers with development experience are encouraged to apply!


Introducing… the dynamic duo of Mark and Mark! In this interactive improv performance, these two (former) famous TV stars share invaluable tips and tricks on how to keep bullying at bay in your neighborhood. Through laughter, empathy, and wit, they inspire children to become advocates for kindness and inclusivity. Don’t miss out on this empowering event that promises to leave a lasting impact on young hearts and minds.Together, let’s make our community a safer, happier place for everyone! Strong improvisors are highly encouraged to apply!

Our touring shows feature casts that are small but mighty – this production will feature a lot of character doubling, ensemble work, and transformation from people, to planets, to magical creatures, and movie stars. We are a development, ensemble focused theater!

Material to Prepare:

Use this google form to submit your material -
For actor submissions, please include in a self tape -
1.) A slate including your name and pronouns (if comfortable sharing).
2.) A 1 to 2 minute monologue. This can be a previously existing piece or a short monologue written about your own life. This can include your special skill, a story about your life, a piece from a previous work you've developed, whatever! We would love to get to know you as an artist.
You have the *option* of, on top of this 1-2 minute video, to include an additional video exemplifying experience in movement, improv, languages, and/or instrumental proficiencies.
Please submit these videos as UNLISTED youtube or Vimeo files. Please reach out to if you have any questions regarding submissions!

Time Commitment:

Actors and directors will be contracted from mid-July (2024) - November (2024) with a four-week rehearsal-process. For touring performances, actors must have at least two morning/midday availability a week. These performances will be scheduled around actor availability.

To apply for this job please visit